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Lead A Day Club 11.16.2020

lad lead a day Nov 16, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

Reflection ....

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Today's action is to find something that did NOT work for you in 2020. Do not include things like “in-person things” that you could not do in your State this year. Think more in terms of something you COULD have done and did not.

Write it down. Then ask yourself:

1. Is there a conclusion or structure of knowing (or firmly held belief) that may have been part of why this did not work?

2. What OTHER conclusions could I become more interested in... to make the one that did NOT work for me fade away.

We get more of, see more of, be more of... what we show the most interest in.

What do you want to be more interested in today?
How about getting a lead?

What could you do to generate ONE new one today? You know the answer. Right?

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Monday News You Can Use! 11.16.2020

Uncategorized Nov 16, 2020


Entire country up about 12% in median sales prices
And renters are going to get evicted an estimated 30 million-plus are behind on rent and an average of $5400! 
Are you in a vacation market? Multigenerational homes are hot
Outdoor kitchens are in! Send to everyone.

Tech Tip

I want this mirror
KOHLER | Verdera®
Voice lighted mirror with Amazon Alexa!
Conversation Advancer: 
The NAR Annual Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers is out!  187 pages of great stats and info - normally $149 and this year it's FREE!  Lots to talk about in it.
Look on the Zero Resistance Facebook Page or in the YCMpedia  or in the FBSoCourse.com for the latest updated FSBO Cheat Sheet
Your Coaching Matters Supports Agents and Brokers to
Elevate the Professionalism of Real Estate. 

If you are not a member, will...
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Lead A Day Club 11.13.2020

Uncategorized Nov 13, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

Gratitude Changes Everything!

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Today is your day to be grateful.

Spend 5 minutes (time it) - as fast as you can - writing down all the things and people you are grateful for.

Call a few of those people during the next 23 minutes. Ask how you can serve them the rest of this year and in the coming year. Ask who they know that you can serve. Send them a thank you note for the conversation with several business cards for their wallet.

THIS WORK will get you leads. Today or in the future.

IF you are willing to do the work.

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Lead A Day Club 11.12.2020

lad lead a day Nov 12, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift


Never Giving Up doesn’t mean 

never pausing….

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

NOTE: If you need a break… take one. #NeverQuit does not mean never pause.  When we pause, we get more energy to pick back up again. PART of your plan should include pauses…  Think of our Formula One (55 minutes work, 17 minute break, 7 minutes of gratitude in journal or thank you notes) - see the pause in each day?
Consider that if you need it today. If you don’t, carry on:
Fact: People who own move once each 10-12 years on average. Renters more often.

That means for every 100-120 people you talk to, TEN will move in the next 12 months. The kicker is they may not KNOW they are moving until 2-6 months before they do it.

YOUR JOB is to be there when they figure it out.

Contact as many people as you can every...

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Lead A Day Club 11.11.2020


Fundamental Mindset Shift


Making a Home for the Brave Possible


LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Join us in Celebrating Veterans Day today.
Use this information below from Keeping Current Matters to create your OWN blog or social media post for today and offer to Veterans in your area.  
If you do not get Keeping Current Matters, I HIGHLY recommend it for branded-to-YOU content to share… You can try it and if you buy it, like I do, you get a $25 gift card by using this link: http://trykcm.com/a3593

Some Highlights

  • VA Home Loans provide unique opportunities for Veterans, active-duty personnel, and their families in recognition of their service to our Nation.
  • For eligible individuals, options associated with VA Loans can help make the dream of homeownership a reality.
  • If you or...
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Lead A Day Club 11.10.2020

lad lead a day Nov 10, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift


What part of your business makes you the happiest?


LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Whatever that is... do something for the next 28 minutes that will lead to more of that feeling.

What is the small sweet step you can take toward doing MORE of that to get your “business high?”

Is it reaching out to help a 1st time homebuyer? Great - find some renters to talk to now.

Is it helping someone with multiple properties better strategize their real estate portfolio? Contact people you know who own more than 2 properties.

Is it helping people who need to sell a home too big for them, right-size into the right home for their lives now? Who in your database has one of those? 

You get the idea. Make it so.

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Monday News You Can Use 11.09.2020


October sales speeded up - buyers need to move quickly. Talk to us Tuesday about tips and tools to get your buyers to make a better offer more quickly. 
But lowest interest rates even make it a better deal! In this market, the good deal is not the price you pay, but the low-interest rate. 
Zillow reports a profit in a quarter in a long time - but losing a ton on each home they buy I predict they will lower buyer side commissions and call it a great value because you “do less work” on a Zillow home.
Evictions are starting again.
Tech tip : Keep track of your receipts and money https://www.waveapps.com/

Conversation Advancer: 

We aren’t quite ready yet, we need to finish a couple of projects around the house before we put it on the market.”

“Great thought and I agree that making sure the house is is sparkling and...
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Lead A Day Club 11.09.2020

lad lead a day Nov 09, 2020

Mindset Shift


It's that time of year ...and an EASY Lead a Day Club Action to take TODAY!


LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Copy and paste this into an email or word document to send to everyone in your Database that COULD be a Seller... ie: They own a home. Hope you have that category in your Database! If not, send it to everyone and think about creating a category called "future potential seller" and another called "future potential buyer". (Hint: Most people are both)

We also have a template you can edit HERE

12 Reasons to List During Fall & Winter Months

Why Acting NOW Could BENEFIT You… NOW!

1. Inventory of Competition is Lower. Law of Supply and Demand works!

Your home stands out with serious buyers who have less to choose from now. Your odds of selling go UP during this time of year. The % of total inventory sold is great during these...

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Lead a Day Club 11.06.2020

lad lead a day Nov 06, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift


On what is going right? What you do have time for? What you did accomplish? 

Or is your attention on the opposites...

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Put your attention for 28 minutes, starting now, on what you CAN do vs what you can't. 

What can you do? 

Here is a fun idea from Client Chris Hill: Play Cell Phone Roulette. Open your contacts and SPIN. Whoever it lands on, call them. A great game for 28 minutes today. 

Bet you find a lead if you are willing to play...

Ralph Marston wrote:

When you've got a moment+++++++++++++++++++

No achievement is too small. Because every achievement adds to your momentum.

When you only have time to make one phone call, make that phone call.

Even though you may not be able to get a whole lot done, you can get something done.

And doing something,...

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Lead A Day Club 11.05.2020

lad lead a day Nov 05, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

Do you know where you are heading the last 5-7 weeks of this year?

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Spend 28 minutes today answering the following:

How many days will I work between now and the end of the year?

How many past clients/centers of influence would you need to contact per workday to reach them ALL by end of the year?

How many people could you get on a Pipeline Board by year-end of Buyers and Sellers for 2021? 10? 20? 40? 100?

Set up these days carefully. Work with intention. Take off the days you plan to. Work the days you plan to.

You've got the time. Are you willing to do it?

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