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How do you set an impossible goal? by Coach Lei Wang

coach lei wang your coaching matters May 03, 2021

Does my earlier post about Why You Need an Impossible Goal make you wonder a little bit?

At the very least, I hope you've considered setting an impossible goal by now!

You might be asking yourself, "How do I set an impossible goal? 

First and foremost, forget about "how"!

Don't worry about whether it's probable or how you'll get there.

Allow your imagination to run wild. Even if you "know" it's unlikely, keep dreaming about it!

My Everest dream began as a simple daydream. I never thought I'd be able to reach the summit of Mount Everest one day.

What was a childhood dream you never got the chance to pursue? If you think it's too late, don't worry.

What is something you have never done but secretly wish you could one day?

What is a business goal you have that you believe is unrealistically high?

What is a task or project that you feel is too hard and that you are convinced would fail?

You know, it's those challenges, the ones you'd rather avoid, the ones that make you procrastinate, that will lead you to your greatest success and transform you into the best version of yourself.

Setting impossible goals for yourself is the only way to get the team motivated enough to do something they don't think they could.

The excitement will intensify, and you will achieve heights beyond your wildest dreams.

I believe no dream is too farfetched. If you dare to dream it, you can achieve it!