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Lead a Day Club 07.30.2021

lad lead a day Jul 30, 2021


If you would just FOCUS clearly on your goals. Choose activities today that lead you to to reach those goals. And repeat.

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Here we are, month-end. You have about 3-4 months remaining to open pendings that close this year. -- Yikes?!

It's a fact. How long does it take a pending to close in your market? 45 days? 60 days? 75 days?

Calculate it.

Get your drop dead date for deals this year.

NOTE: That does not mean stop working that date. It means everything AFTER that date is for next year.

What do you need to open in August, Sept, October and maybe for some of you November to reach your Annual Goal?

Your ACTION today for 28 minutes to to do SOMETHING toward reaching that number. Hot leads follow up would be first on my list today...

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Lead a Day Club 07.29.2021

lad lead a day Jul 29, 2021

 Get Coached!!

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Today's 28-minute idea:

If you are NOT already a Coaching client... and you want this 2nd half of the year to be BETTER than the 1st half...

Schedule a discovery session with one of us. Coaching may be the most important appointment you ever do in Your Career:





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Lead a Day Club 07.28.2021

lad lead a day Jul 28, 2021

Would It be OK if it were Easier?

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

When you narrow what you do, the path becomes easier. Imagine for a moment that you ONLY worked one area of about 1000 households. That’s it. Just one.
When I began in the real estate business most small offices did just that. They divided up the area around their local office and gave each agent a “territory” to work. Yes, sometimes there were overlaps “but my mom lives in Henry’s territory!” And some agents were just more aggressive than others and were constantly stepping into others’ “territories”, but in general, it gave each Agent a place to FOCUS on.
Today, of course, the entire state we are licensed in is fair game and most of the leadership tells you to go out and get anything you can, anywhere you can!
Today's 28 minutes is for you to spend HYPER focused....
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Lead a Day Club 07-27-2021 - Take the Challenge!!

lad lead a day Jul 27, 2021

TAKE THE Challenge!

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Let's talk about your niche. In particular, an area you’d like to work in. YOU decide if it’s for just today, for a full week… or for a FULL MONTH.
What’s the challenge? You can ONLY prospect in that area. That niche. Nowhere else. Think you will be leaving something on the table of you take this challenge? I beg to differ. Here is who you can contact:
  1. All the past clients, friends, and family you have that live in the niche area.
  2. All the old expired listings or withdrawn listings (not Canada, of course.)
  3. All investor owners in the niche.
  4. All NEW Expired listings or For Sale by Owners in this area.
  5. Every business owner in the niche. Ask if they live there and offer to help them move there if they don’t. Make connections.
  6. Contact anyone that owned more than 10 years.
If you run out, just start contacting everyone else. Use Cole or White Pages or any other...
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Lead a Day Club 07.26.2021 - Take ACTION!

lad lead a day Jul 26, 2021


LAD 28 Minute ACTION

We're almost to the end of 31 days of phone calls and there are specific Instructions today:

  1. Open your database. You all have one. Even if it's the contact list on your phone, a Rolodex, or a stack of index cards or file folders.
  2. If you have people identified with a Next Contact date, pull those up and organize by the due date. Any overdue? What? The first one was supposed to be contacted in 2009?? It's OK. Breathe. [If you don't have them organized like that, don't worry, go to the * at the bottom]
  3. Dial the first number. Wrong #? It's ok. Ask the person that answers if they live locally and tell them you sell real estate and fate must have brought you together... ask if they need to sell or buy (Yes, I got a listing from the wrong number once).
  4. Spend the remaining 28 minutes calling the rest due TODAY and work your way backward. (But the oldest one WAS fun, wasn't it?)
  5. Schedule a next date for each one you...
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Monday News You Can Use 07.26.2021


For your frustrated buyers - are Investors crowding out Buyers?
For everyone - Backyard Ideas that are fun and add value. Which one do you like best?
I’ve wondered this for 5 years -why not turn vacant commercial space into housing?


Tech Tip

Ultra Sonic Garage Parking Sensor

The Ultrasonic Garage Parking Sensor helps you park your car safely every time. Simply mount it to a garage wall with the included tape and press a button to set your desired location, from 6” to 6 ft. away from the sensor. When you pull into the garage, the...

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Lead a Day Club 07.23.2021

lad lead a day Jul 23, 2021

Give people something to choose from... and they most likely DO.

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

28 minutes

Step 1 - Pull up new listings within a short distance to where you work from.

Step 2 - Look at them and choose TWO that have some features you were impressed by. Could be the fireplace, outdoor entertainment area, kitchen, master bath, yard, price, etc. Something you can DESCRIBE in words.

Step 3 - Set up a preview appointment to see the listings (for later, not now... like on your way home today or before you come in tomorrow)

Step 4 - Post on your personal social media page. Not the picture, just the description in your words. (Be excited!) .

Example: Boy! I just saw two new listings today that were like WOW! One has the BIGGEST BEST backyard I've seen in years... and the other had the coziest breakfast nook looking out into a lovely garden. Wish they were in the same home but they aren't. Which would you rather see a picture of?

Step 5- Fulfill the...

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Lead a Day Club 07.22.2021

lad lead a day Jul 22, 2021

Of the hundreds of Agents I've interviewed over the years, over 90% of those doing over 75 deals a year are doing it by contacting people they know. Period.

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Call 10 people you know but haven't talked to in the last month. (We're almost at the end of the 31-day challenge - you got this!!)

EVERY ONE OF YOU knows 10 people (relatives are fine). Tell them something of value. Tell them about a house you saw recently, or about this article.

Then ask them if they have any plans to move in the next year. If so, great! You got a lead.

If not, ask them if anyone they know might be moving. If so... great! You've got a lead.

Hint: Calling those that OWN a home is more likely to get you a lead than calling renters. UNLESS they have great income and SHOULD own instead of renting!

GO. 28 minutes and you'll have a lead. Tell me if you don't and I'll role play with you. :)

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Lead a Day Club 07.21.2021

lad lead a day Jul 21, 2021

The track is just the road to run on...
the finish line is what you want to cross.
As fast as you can!

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Today, make your contacts standing up! Get your headset on and arrange yourself so you can make calls for 28 minutes. Walk-in place between calls.

Your suggestion today is to pull up Craigslist or Zillow For Sale By Owners within a short distance of your office. Keep it super simple. Find those with a phone number only.

Call the number, identify yourself as an agent, and ask them if you can preview the home. Why? You want to see the local inventory for sale (whether they offer a commission or not to a buyer's agent).

Those that say yes, set an appointment to meet them. Those that say no, NEXT! Remember, ONLY do this with the ones you are physically close to.

FSBO's are one of your Fastest Sources of Business Opportunity. They are also raising their hands and saying "Hey there, look here, I want to sell my house. Here's my phone number. ~ Oh, and btw, I don't...

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Do you have a System?

Did you catch the interview Donna Stott had with Bob Burg during Monday Mindset on July 19th? If you didn’t, watch it now on YCM Facebook. The interview was a wealth of information and great ideas!! However, one theme was very apparent – you need to have a system.
Both Donna and Bob demonstrated how simple a system could be when making a contact, thanking them and making a donation in their honor as a thank you. An easy and quick system that makes a lasting impression.
Does YOUR Real Estate business have a system? No, not your company’s business system, your system. There is a difference. Your company may have an outline of how you are supposed to be working under their broker’s license. Your State outlines contract laws and ethics with how you treat the public. All very useful, but do YOU have a system in YOUR business? How organized are you?
Do you have a system set in place of what to do...
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