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She just took her first listing using this 3-step system (+ LIVE WORKSHOP)

live workshops Aug 25, 2020
Hey, it’s Donna Stott,

Please meet Maggie Arnold.
She just got her first listing using the 3-Step System I briefly introduced you to in my last email.
Using this new 3-Step System with a video on Facebook, here’s Maggie herself:

She is following a 3-Step System for getting inbound listings quickly.
What really caught my attention is she has never done video marketing before. This has been her first attempt at it.
Here’s what she shared as an encouragement with a fellow agent:

Maggie isn’t the only one making this work.
In my next email, I’ll introduce you to Michael Smith in South Carolina.
Using this same 3-Step System, he has:

  • Generated 3 listing appointments
  • Converted one into a signed listing
  • The other committed to listing within 2 months
  • Got a buyer client who closed quickly

… and this all happened in 61 days from when he started using this system!
In my next email, I’ll share more technical details on why...

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