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What is a Goal?

By Coach Mike Stott

Most of us have created personal or professional goals: Some we have completed and celebrated; some we have had a sense of “so what” about, and others we have abandoned. Our view of goals may not conform to how you usually think about goals.  It’s useful to look at goals during this time of year as we ready ourselves for 2022.  Let’s look at what Dr. Maria Nemeth from the Academy of Coaching Excellence says about goals.

A powerful goal gives you an opportunity to demonstrate what has true meaning for you. Most of what you now consider to be goals are probably tasks or “to do’s.”

What is a goal? An area or object toward which play is directed in order to score.

  • A goal is an expression of one of your Life’s Intentions in physical reality.
  • A goal is a promise that you make to yourself that you really are going to do.
  • A goal isn’t an open-ended process: you complete it, rejoice, and go on to the next.
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