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8 Owners’ Options in Today’s Market – 2021 Version

Owners in the US right now have 8 options of what they can do with the property they own.

By focusing on all possible options, Owners can more clearly see, in their own situations, which are NOT options… and which ARE.  

And when Owners clearly understand the pros and cons of each option...

They can make better decisions. I hope this helps YOU in your best decision.

Option #1 - Keep the property, make the payments, and live in it.  If the home works for you location-wise, size-wise, cost-wise and you’re enjoying it now, great. No one is going to make you sell if you’re making your payments. If it will NOT work for the upcoming next real estate cycle, keep that carefully in mind. The market is very good. It will not always be. 

Option #2 - Keep the property, make the payments, and rent it out.  If it’s been a rental, you can choose to keep it one. If it’s been your primary residence and you want to turn it into a rental, talk...

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