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Monday News You Can Use 05.03.2021


Somethings to know about Bidens proposals and real estate.  Don't worry RPAC is on it. 
Lumber adds $36,000 to the average new home 
Buying a condo? - Insurance can be expensive
Seller Financing dos and Don'ts


Tech Tip

We all need this for our Memories


Conversation advancer of the week: 


When you experience a client being frantic, panicked, or even fearful the two words “Don’t Worry” magically allows them to release the tension.  You’ll hear them say “whew.”  Be relaxed and adopt a posture of all is well, we got this, and it will all work out.  “Don't worry, things like this come up and that’s why you hire an experienced agent like me to negotiate a plan that works for you."
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