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Coaching and Kale

conclusions mindset Apr 28, 2021

by Coach Donna Fleetwood


I NEVER ate Kale. That dark green vegetable brought up the memory of mushy, slimy cooked spinach I was supposed to eat as a child. Then one day my friend told me that kale salad was really good. I ordered one in a restaurant and found that the secret to a great kale salad is massaging the leaves to make it tender with the infusion of lemon juice and oil. I gave up my conclusion that I didn’t like kale and would never eat it. Now I love it.   

As coaches, we find some people we coach living limited lives because they are in a box of their own making called “conclusions”. These conclusions can negatively impact becoming a successful Real Estate agent, pursuing spiritual development, being a loving family member, seeking adventure, or becoming financially successful. The conclusion “I won’t eat kale” is a cousin to “I can’t call 10 people”.   

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