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Monday News You Can Use 10.12.2020


PPP? Easier loan forgiveness - share with your small business owners
Top cities for first-time buyers - if you are on this list send it to everyone - if not, then discuss what it takes to buy a home in your city
Near a small college? It could be in trouble - let the neighborhood know. 
Good stats here 
Conversation Advancer:
I'm just going to work with the listing agent.

“My job is to get you a lower price. A listing agent’s job is to get the sellers a higher price. Who do you want working for you? I hear this all the time - the thought process generally is that you can get the best deal if you work with one agent when in fact it can actually be a bad deal for you. If you were going into trial or court, would you want an attorney representing both sides? Let me represent you. Let me go to work for you at no cost to you.

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Monday You Can Use 10.5.2020


Home Sales Picking up especially above $1,000,000
Some ways for a retiree to buy a home - send to everyone
Insurance for homes going up?  Wildfires claim 2,000,000 homes
Conversation Advancer:
You’re recommended price is too low.

How too low is it?  (Let them answer you may not be far off but if you are) 

There are plenty of people around who will tell you what you want to hear and stop at nothing to get your signature on the dotted line. A lot of agents you’ll come across, don’t have many listings at any given time.

So, they are desperate to sell you on their services and say anything to win you as a client.

This sweet-talking and high pricing may seem appealing now but isn’t so ideal in three months when you still haven’t received a single offer.

Let's do the right...
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Monday News You Can Use


Conversation Advancer: 

“I'm probably buying my friend's / neighbor's home!”

How Exciting I’m glad you have started the process already! Private deals can occasionally work well. There are two approaches here many choose from:

I can still help advise, negotiate, and bring the transaction to a close. I would just request my compensation from the seller (don’t say friend).

Or you could handle it all ALONE.

Do you have a preference?

Tech Tip:

For the visual thinkers - a different kind of calendar. 

Your Coaching Matters Supports Agents and Brokers to
Elevate the Professionalism of Real...

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Monday News You Can Use! 8.31.2020

monday news Aug 31, 2020

(Video Link here) This song Rise Up really gets to me! 

Conversation advancer: 

"Softening Phrases"

AND not but

So that I can help you better ...

So that you can get exactly the outcome you’re looking for ...

So that we will make the most of our time together ...

Since your time is valuable ...

Since your home purchase/sale is extremely important ...

Since marketing your home has to be done correctly ...

In order for your home to sell this time ...

That’s exactly why we need to meet ...

That’s exactly why I’m calling you today ...

I’m not looking for a promise ... just an appointment.

So that you can get what you want ...

So that all of your questions are answered ...

I agree … I can...

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