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Lead A Day Club 04.28.2021

lad lead a day Apr 28, 2021

"Success is doing what you said you would do, consistently,
with clarity, focus, ease, and grace."

~ Dr. Maria Nemeth

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

2021 only has 8 more months to make this your best year in real estate. But WHAT can you do differently to make this a banner year?

If you aren't working with a real estate coach, perhaps now is the time to start. 

Group Coaching Matters

Yes, you CAN transform your Real Estate Career to one full of Clarity, Focus, Ease, and Grace. 

Recorded training available 24/7 in YCMPedia, PLUS being with us LIVE up to 4 times a week. YES... COACHING with Mike Stott or Donna Stott each and every week for UNDER $100/month.... 

We know that many people have budget issues, which is why we offer a variety of options for coaching at different price points. We've coached hundreds of agents, at all income levels, and each of them has been offered unique advice from some of the best professional Real Estate Coaches in the world. 

One way to get to know us and to see if coaching would indeed increase your real estate business is to sign up for Group Coaching.

Our typical Group Coaching client is just building a career or has one up and running well and just wants to be inspired and reminded of all they done.

If you are looking for a Career Filled with Success and PROFIT, join us to discover YOUR strengths and capitalize on those with ACE tools & YCM systems.

Discover and learn to say out loud what it IS you want to do with this one precious life you have! And then taking the Actions to bring it from Visionary Reality into your everyday Physical Reality!

Sound good?

It IS. 

PLUS... it's month to month. NO RISK.

CLICK HERE to sign up!                        CLICK HERE to ask questions!


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