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Monday News You Can Use 10.19.2020


Send to all your clients' post on Facebook etc: National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day 
Credit tightening on FHA mortgages - Rates falling
VA Costs your buyers should consider
No Industry is Safe - Air BNB Competitors are popping up. 
Subscription-Based Travel - another timeshare fiasco or worthwhile service?
Want to rein but don’t have great credit - try these ideas
Conversation Advancer:
Just Listed or Just Sold Calls - I'm not interested.
I understand and I’m not here to sell you anything. I just dropped by/called today to let you know that your neighbors at 123 Sycamore just listed their home for sale. I am wondering if you know anyone who is looking for a home in our neighborhood?
 Tech Tip
Draft by Slite
 Use your web browser for quick notes and ideas and...
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Monday News You Can Use 10.12.2020


PPP? Easier loan forgiveness - share with your small business owners
Top cities for first-time buyers - if you are on this list send it to everyone - if not, then discuss what it takes to buy a home in your city
Near a small college? It could be in trouble - let the neighborhood know. 
Good stats here 
Conversation Advancer:
I'm just going to work with the listing agent.

“My job is to get you a lower price. A listing agent’s job is to get the sellers a higher price. Who do you want working for you? I hear this all the time - the thought process generally is that you can get the best deal if you work with one agent when in fact it can actually be a bad deal for you. If you were going into trial or court, would you want an attorney representing both sides? Let me represent you. Let me go to work for you at no cost to you.

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Monday News You Can Use! 8.24.2020


Conversation advancer of the week A repeat for a reason: 

How many homes should I view before buying one?

That’s up to you! And great questions. For sure, home shopping today is easier today than ever before. The ability to search for homes online and see pictures, even...

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Monday News You Can Use!

May 2020

Conversation Advancer:

Real Estate is still happening last month XX numbers of homes went under market.  XX Closed and XX came on the market.  Clearly you can see the serious are still working.

Tech Tip:
VUSE video anyone willing to be a beta tester

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Willing to try!
Mike Stott




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