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Lead A Day Club 01.28.2021 - Time for a 360 Degree Review?

lad lead a day Jan 28, 2021

What is keeping you from Hiring a Coach or Taking one of our Courses?

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Many of you ARE Coaching Clients. So you already know the value of hiring and keeping a Coach to support you through the years. Many of our clients have now been with Your Coaching Matters for 10+ years. As long as we've been in existence.

For those that have been THINKING about it, think about this:

1. Is this a career or is it a hobby?

2. Is my continuing education alone really giving me tools to improve my real estate business?

3. Who do I have in my life to help me create attainable goals and support me in creating and taking the actions needed to reach those goals?

4. If I don't invest in myself, who will?

Your 28 minutes today on creating a Lead is to contact Every Buyer or Seller from last year and say hello.

Ask how they are and if there is anything you can do for them or someone they love in the...

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Lead A Day Club 01.27.2021

lad lead a day Jan 26, 2021

"Professional activities performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that push your cognitive capabilities to their limit."

                                                                                             ~Cal Newport in his book "Deep Work"

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Deep work is today's 28 minute - and every 28-minute LAD action. It's focused work on ONE activity for 28 minutes solid. No distractions. How are you doing with this as we end our first month?

Are you following Lead A Day Club on Your Coaching Facebook Page?

Which LAD Club Action was your favorite?

TODAY - choose one from earlier this month (I'd like to encourage you to go to the FB group and pick one there).


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Lead A Day Club 01.26.2021

lad lead a day Jan 26, 2021

The best income earners in real estate give and receive a LOT of referrals. They are always looking to help people's dreams come true, no matter where they live. Coach Donna Fleetwood calls this technique "Easy Money" in her Prospecting Games class.

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Look at your leads, listings, and pending’s.

Who on that list is moving to or from another area than your work?

ASK them if you can help them find a great agent in that area and then DO SO.

Spend 28 minutes on this today to make some "easy money!"

This may result in a lead to REFER today… or in the near future!

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Lead A Day Club 01.25.2021 - Play Work on Social Media :)

lad lead a day Jan 25, 2021

How curious are you on a scale of 1-10? I'd really like to hear.

High-income earners are genuinely curious about others.

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Pose an open-ended question on Facebook offering a $5-10 gift card (Starbucks works nicely) to a random drawing of everyone that answers the question within X hours. I'd recommend 48 unless you have many many friends.


Post 2 photos side-by-side (get an image service or be the sure image is allowed to reuse if you find online) and ask which of these do you prefer and why. Could be exteriors of houses, kitchens, family rooms, etc. Different styles.

"What year will you be moving next?" (remember it's a contest.... they answer to enter the contest!)

"Which is your favorite house color combination for an exterior paint job?"

"Who can guess today's interest rate posting from (name your lender - he/she will love it and ask them to share on their own site too!)

Get the idea?

Come up with your OWN...

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Lead A Day Club - 01.22.2021 #Neverquit

lad lead a day Jan 22, 2021

People who earn over 6 figures, are known to FIGURE things out.

Put on your detective hat on every day and when you run up against a brick wall, figure out how to get over it, around it, under it, or THROUGH it.


LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Go through all your leads who have not responded to you... but you think they would be awesome to list for sale... or work with as a buyer.


Look for those people on social media searching by a name if you have one or an email or phone number if you don't. When you find one, do a friend request and private message them.

Don't be creepy... say who you are and why you'd like to get in contact and that you tried other ways to reach them but just ran across them today and thought you'd reach out here.  Seemed interesting they'd shown up there... Simple.  And serendipitous. 

This may result in REVIVING a lead today…
or in the near future!

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Lead A Day Club 01.21.2021

lad lead a day Jan 21, 2021

There will always be more good ideas than there are resources to execute them. Winners know to CHOOSE ONE and act on that one NOW.

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Today's action is about Vacant Lots

We call it "MAKE a listing."  Vacant lots alone can be hard to sell. Plus they are low price and that means low income to you.

So... can you MAKE a house listing out of a vacant lot?? Here's how:

Identify vacant lots in a neighborhood you live in, farm, or would like to do either of those!

Then call a few small local builders and ask if you had a lot, do they have a floor-plan they could offer to build on it? Be prepared with zoning and lot size and what else is in the neighborhood.

Ask for a commitment that if you found the lot AND the buyer, the builder would pay a commission for you bringing a buyer and seller together for them to build a house on. Tell them to factor in the commission into their profit (of course).

How can they say "no" to that??


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Lead A Day Club 01.20.2021

lad lead a day Jan 20, 2021

" You can do plenty, and yet you are not superhuman. Be realistic about what you can and cannot do. It is by recognizing your limitations that you begin to transcend them. It is by admitting your weaknesses that you find ways to overcome them. Being fully aware of your strengths is just as important. It enables you to engage those strengths, to build on them, and add to them. How do you know what you can and cannot do, what your strengths and weaknesses truly are? You learn all this and more by encountering challenge. Challenge puts you to the test. Challenge shines a bright light on your advantages and shows you exactly where you can use improvement. The more you challenge yourself, the more you know yourself. And that is an extremely valuable thing to know."                                                             ...
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Lead A Day Club 01.19.2021

lad lead a day Jan 19, 2021

A Proverb

A Good Neighbor increases the value of your property.

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Today's 28-minute action will require a little effort. How much you put into it is up to you.

The ACTION is to provide a General CMA or Neighborhood History Graph to your neighborhood. If you have a small neighborhood, this can take just 28 minutes.

If it's a big one, it may take longer to prepare. 

This is a "public service" that can end up in a lead for you TODAY.

How long has it been since you left something at the doors in your own neighborhood with good interesting information (and with your contact information of course) telling them what is listed, what is pending, and what has sold? Historically is even better... a graph showing year over year.

Those that do this on a regular basis:

  • Have better neighbor relationships.
  • Become the agent that their neighbors go to with questions or to list or buy another property.
  • ...
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Monday News You Can Use! 01.18.2021


Unpaid Send everyone this one- The Best Air BNB in each state
Are your buyers making offers sight unseen?

Tech Tip

How long until need to do VR tours? 

Conversation advancer of the week: 

How to handle an unreasonable condition/objection from a buyer or seller. (Something along the lines of All agents are thieves, or we need 5 bedrooms)
COULD IT BE POSSIBLE (opens up the conversation) that some agents provide real service?
Could it be possible you can find a 4 bedroom with a home office?
Your Coaching Matters Supports Agents and Brokers to
Elevate the Professionalism of Real Estate. 

If you are not a member, will you join us at 
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Lead A Day Club 01-18-2021

lad lead a day Jan 18, 2021


LAD 28 Minute ACTION

28 minutes today, simply do what is yours to do. Even if it's a crawl. Take this ONE step FORWARD and simply do the action below:

For many of you, that thing that is yours to do is to follow up on existing leads.

Too often we see Agents that are looking for NEW leads at the expense of the ones they already generated.

Find current or old leads in your system, even ones you've given up on.

And try them again. Just for 28 minutes. GO!

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