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Lead A Day Club 01.15.2021

lad lead a day Jan 15, 2021

Two weeks remain in January.

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Are you already on track for your Goal this month?

Do you even know what your Goal is for the month? One that supports your Annual Goal? --- Do you know your Annual goal?

It's Friday mid-first-month of the new year. If you haven't started yet, let TODAY begin your year. Get CLEAR on your annual and monthly goals.

Get CLEAR on your weekly goals that support the monthly and annual goals.

Commit that TODAY you will do 1/5 of a week. Just today. For TODAY begins the consistency needed to reach your goals. Be consistent TODAY. And decide if you will do it again M-F next week. It could be the beginning of a STREAK of consistency!

Your LAD Action for 28 minutes is to contact everyone on last year's calendar in Oct., Nov., and Dec. that did not List or Buy with you yet. Go check the calendar for your appointments or contacts and reach out to them today.

Then contact anyone you have DUE to contact in your...

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Lead A Day Club 01.14.2021

lad lead a day Jan 14, 2021

“If you work just for money, you’ll never make it. But if you love what you are doing, and always put the customer first, success will be yours.”  - Ray Kroc                                                                       

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Try calling in a particular neighborhood with some piece of information to share. (Maybe a new listing or sale?) Something quick, just to see if you can get in a conversation. Sample below.

Don't have a list of phone numbers for a neighborhood? Ask your Broker or Title company if they have lists of numbers or access to Spokeo or other numbers source.  Don't worry about who you DON'T find... just dial the ones you DO find.

If it's just 3 or 4, great, contact those 3 or 4...

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Lead A Day Club 01.13.2021

lad lead a day Jan 13, 2021


Agents that make over 6 figures a year Talk to Strangers. Here's an 11-minute Ted talk about it... And you guessed it... today's Action is to talk to strangers!

Click on the image below:


LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Spend 28 minutes today talking to strangers.

You get to choose WHAT strangers, but today for 28 minutes how about you try someone you DON'T KNOW...


  • You can pick a street from Whitepages.com you have a listing or have made a sale on and call those who have a phone number.
  • You could call FSBO's and Expireds you haven't talked to before.
  • You could just dial random numbers!

Have fun with this and feel free to blame me!

"Why are you calling me??"

"Because my Coach said to call a stranger and I found you!"

This may result in a lead today… or in a lead in the near future!

HAVE FUN WITH IT. What is the worst that could happen? Go find out and let me know.


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Lead A Day Club - 01.12.2021

lad lead a day Jan 12, 2021

From "The 4 Disciplines of Execution":

"The real enemy of execution [of what you want to do differently] is your "day job".

We call it "The Whirlwind"... and it's the massive amount of energy necessary to keep your operation going on a day-to-day basis.

The Whirlwind robs from you the focus required to move forward."

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

The mindset shift today is away from: 

"I have to put everything aside and not handle what I need to in order to prospect "more"

- to -

"I have to put everything aside for 28 minutes of focused lead generation and/or lead follow up to MASSIVELY add to my income. And THEN I can still do what I need to do in the Whirlwind of today."

Today, set a timer on your smartphone for 28 minutes and do the Action below.

No matter what, do NOT answer an email or text, nor look up anything online. All replies and research are to be done AFTER today's exercise. Ready?

Step 1 - Google: "Homes for Rent by Owner" in your...

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Monday News You Can Use 01.11.2021


Home Buyer Confidence drops  Is this a blip or a trend?
Know tenants in a bind - apply for some of the $25 Billion Rental Assistance
Record Low Interest Rates 
5 Things every home needs now 

Tech Tip

Zoom in a noise location?
Try https://krisp.ai/ also some cool ideas in their blog

Conversation advancer of the week: 

Will you cut your commission?

That's a good question. And before I could make that big of a decision I would have to ask you a few thought-provoking questions, listen intently to your answers and only after I clearly know what is important about selling to YOU, could I then better suggest how you can compensate me for my consulting, preparation, negotiation and organization to the details. What is the most important thing about this sale to you? tell me more about that.
Your Coaching Matters Supports Agents...
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Lead A Day Club - 01.11.2021

lad lead a day Jan 11, 2021

John Wooden (Famous UCLA Basketball Coach) said:
"Don't let what you cannot do interfere
with what you can do."

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

What CAN you Do? How about something simple... consider a Name Tag or Career Apparel!

Look into getting a brand of shirts or jackets that advertise for you  (http://www.logoup.com) works for our real estate business.)

Try this conversation advancer when someone asks about your company (and they will if you consistently wear this "billboard" for yourself):

"Thanks for asking. I am so excited about real estate and I get to meet such wonderful people who are looking to buy and sell or know someone looking to buy or sell... by the way... How long have you owned in the area?"

This will start a conversation that COULD lead to a lead! Our Son in Law had this happen in a Home Depot parking lot with someone who just purchased a FSBO sign. Yep. He got the appointment. Got the listing. And sold it.

This one is...

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Lead A Day Club 01.08.2021

lad lead a day Jan 08, 2021

Fundamental Mindset Shift:

"There are no mistakes, only Lessons. Lessons repeat in our lives until we get it. Until we learn that Lesson.

Then there will be a new Lesson.

Successful Agents understand this and work to Learn the Lesson to avoid repeating it over and over."

     ~ Mike Stott

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Spend 28 minutes today looking objectively at the deals you worked on last year that fell apart.

Of those that fell out - Is there a pattern? Did you learn something and change a system... or did you repeat the same thing more than once? Perhaps it was about prequalifying. Or getting pre-inspections done. Or showing without a Buyer Agency Agreement. Or overpricing.

Perhaps it was about understanding the contract 100%. Perhaps it was about obtaining trust from your Clients so they respected and listened to your advice. Perhaps it was about GIVING the right advice.

Contact any...

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Lead A Day Club 01.07.2021

lad lead a day Jan 07, 2021


Small Projects, if completed, can Lead to BIG Things. Are you willing to take on a Small Project today... and COMPLETE it?

28 Minute ACTION to generate a FREE LEAD today!

Today's 28 minutes is all about ROCK SOLID commitment to taking ACTION. Be willing to Start. Don't overcomplicate it.

Just follow the instructions below.

1. Look at the homes in MLS now in ONE neighborhood you'd like to live in or you'd like to sell something in. All categories, Active, all the varieties of Pending, and Sold. Just scan them over and delete any you have no interest in.

2. Print the remaining list. Note any Actives vacant on lock-box that you could easily preview.

3. Look up the Expired and Withdrawn homes for the last 2+ years in the same area. Make a list of any Expired or Withdrawn that have not re-listed in MLS.

4. Go into your Tax Rolls and check those addresses to see if they transferred ownership outside of MLS. Any who have not transferred ownership make a final...

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Lead A Day Club 01.06.2021

lad lead a day Jan 06, 2021

1. The short term pain of doing what you said you'd do - NOW. (Starting the year Generating Leads every workday)


2. The long term pain of not doing it. A pain that can last forever.

LAD 28 Minute ACTION


Start today with Leads. Who do you need to call or text to set an appointment with for this month? Do you have a Pipeline Board you can look at to see quickly who to contact? If not, start one now so that is always available to you. 

If you have Zero Leads to contact - then it's time to generate one NOW.

What do YOU think the best source would be for you to find a lead today? I'll list 4 of them and I expect a reply of the one you will choose today. Reply by email or in comments on FB post.  Can't pick? Then. I'll pick one FOR you at the end of the list. No excuses, just DO IT. 28 minutes.

1. For Sale by Owners. You know... those people that are raising their hand saying "I want to sell my house",...

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Lead A Day Club 01.05.2021

lad lead a day Jan 05, 2021

Know where you are going? If not, you won't get there. I promise. Pick a goal. ANY goal. How about a Goal for the next 28 minutes?

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

If you have a lead gen goal today, do it.

If you don't have one, then do this:

Open your Database. For 28 minutes contact everyone whose last name starts with a Vowel. You can call, text, email, FB message, LI message,  handwrite a note.... however you want to contact people today... your choice.  

Ask if they may want to buy or sell this year... or know someone else who does. Offer a free Valuation on their home if they own, or to send them a list of homes they might be interested if they ever want to buy in the future.

Your GOAL is to end the conversation with SOMETHING you are doing for them.  Then schedule the next contact date for that person based on what you know. Could be later today, could be next fall. Use your good common sense but no matter what,...

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