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Lead A Day Club 05.21.2021

lad lead a day May 21, 2021

Quality Leads can be few and far between.

However... Small sweet steps (SSS) can be taken each and every day toward finding them.

Predictable results come from SSS's EVERY day.

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

One small step you can take to generate a lead is to simply ask your own friends.

We often take for granted that our friend understands our business... and we make it worse by telling them how "busy" we are all the time.

Take 28 minutes to reach out to your best friends and explain that your business is primarily based on repeat business and introductions from others.

Ask them to listen for others in their lives that could use the wisdom and help a professional Agent can bring. Be sure they have ALL your contact information in their cell phones to share your contact with others, as well as a few good old-fashioned business cards in their wallets.

When they know you are LOOKING FORWARD to hearing from them with names of people you can help, they are far more likely to call you...

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Lead A Day Club 05.20.2021

lad lead a day May 20, 2021

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Keeping it professional. Today's Idea is to think of the most PROFESSIONAL people you know in the following categories. Choose 4. Then contact each one to schedule a breakfast, lunch, or coffee with them over the next 2 weeks.

Yep, you only get 2 weeks.

On the appointment, you ask them their best tips to coming across so professionally. AND give them a lead they can work if you can think of one. In closing, you'll ask them to do the same for you if they are willing.

If they are not, you need to find out what you need to do to EARN those leads.


Home Inspector

Home Insurer

Title Representative


Termite Inspector or Entomologist

Real Estate Attorney

Real Estate Brokerage Owner/Manager (yours I hope)


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Be Aggressive!

In this VERY HOT Sellers’ Market you may not only need to get a little creative with your buyers, but Be Aggressive. If you and your buyer(s) have been missing out on getting their offers accepted, ask your buyers if they are willing to put themselves out there – way out there – to get an accepted offer.

  • There is no time to “think” about offers. If your buyer is still pondering what he should offer before writing an offer, the house is already long gone. Buyers need to present their biggest and best offer right off the start and include a short deadline for the sellers to answer back.
    • Advise your Buyer to be strong in that EARLY OFFER with their TOP PRICE AND TERMS and with a short deadline… and stick to it. If we don’t get this accepted by (date) we will make an offer on another home. PERIOD. If the Seller doesn’t play, withdraw your offer and ask THEM to come to YOU if they don’t get a better one. This takes GUTS but can be...
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Lead A Day Club 05.19.2021

lad lead a day May 19, 2021

There are few Very Important Tasks that need doing on a daily or almost daily basis. There are dozens of Less Important Tasks that tend to get in the way. People who earn over 100K a year consistently are those that take care of the VIT's on a regular basis, habitually.

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Write out the 3-5 Very Important Tasks to keep your business growing and thriving.

At least two of those are Lead Gen and Lead Follow Up, right? Right?

That is why you are reading this...

Today's Lead Gen Action has potential Preview homework: Pull up a new listing nearby you in MLS. It could be your own listing, or one from an office-mate, or someone else's. If you haven't seen it yet, make an appointment to preview it.

If you've recently seen a great house, no need to do the Preview homework, just use a house you saw in the last few days.

Then, come back and for 28 minutes call people you know to tell them about the property. Does...

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When are you ready? by Coach Lei Wang

“I’m working on it …”

I felt like my coach was pushing me too hard when she asked when I would start my coaching business.

Didn't she see how hard I'm already working?

“I need to finish this course first, so I know how to …”

 Then, “I need to finish reading this book, so I know how to …”

Since I enjoy the direct effect coaching can have on people's lives and businesses, I've always wanted to incorporate coaching to my speaking services.

Years passed as I weighed the advantages and disadvantages, questioning whether or not that was the best direction to take...

Then I put in a lot of effort for several months...

I was reading, writing, and attending trainings...

And the never-ending supply of free webinars persuaded me that I needed to add one more tool to my toolbox before I could welcome clients...Oh, and I need to update my website...

Oh, should I rebrand my social media accounts...

Does this sound familiar?

Do you...

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Lead A Day Club 05.18.2021

lad lead a day May 18, 2021

Real Estate Agents that succeed at a high level have a deep belief in the American Dream of owning your own home.

And building wealth through home and rental investment ownership.

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

LOOK at your own life. Who is in it that should buy a home? Who is in it who should buy a rental?

WHO would be better off if they did? Would retire with more income; Would stop paying off someone else's mortgage; Would benefit from a fixed monthly cost vs rents that keep going up?

I bet if you just sit and THINK about the people in your life you can think of more than 1 lead.

Today's action is fun. Get a piece of paper and a pen. Close your eyes and think about the following groups of people asking those questions above:

Your extended family

Your friends

Your neighbors

Your old high school or college friends

Your kid's friends parents

Your Facebook Friends

Anyone you pay money to like your hairdresser, dry cleaner, yard guy, etc.

How many leads did you come up with? We so...

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Monday News You Can Use 05.17.2021


Commercial space sitting vacant how long until they convert old malls etc to loft living areas?
New trend - getting paid to move What do you think?
Americans prefer Houses to investments!
Mortgage Rates rising, refinances falling but this will be the 2nd best year for loan originations.
Send to everyone - the best paint colors in 2021


Tech Tip

I think would be useful on a presentation

PIcopix Micro


Conversation advancer of the week: 

Expired says "I’m gonna realist with...
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Lead A Day Club 05.17.2021

lad lead a day May 17, 2021

Leads are everywhere. They are like flies to honey. The question is... are you being Honey? Or are you hiding?

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Contact every VENDOR you know.

Ask them if they own or rent.

If they own, ask what it would take to sell their home, and where they'd move next if money were not an issue.

If they rent, offer to help them buy.

In either case, ask if they have any friends, kids, or parents you could be of service to.

What a spirit of contribution you are!

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Lead A Day Club 05.14.2021

lad lead a day May 14, 2021

Three Rules to make your Database system work perfectly and never lose a lead again:

1. Enter every lead every time, 100%.

2. Every person in the DB has a next contact date, or they are DONE (no more follow up) OR they can be "email only" if you have an email newsletter or other occasional group email.

3. Open the DB every morning and contact or attempt those people due for contact. AND schedule the next contact or make DONE.

This is a perfect system. Don’t complicate it.

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

You're going to love this one.

1. Gather all leads on your desktop right now or in any of the top drawers.

2. Enter them into whatever Database System you are using.

3. Attempt to contact them.

4. Enter a note about the contact or attempted contact.

5. Make "done" or "email only" or schedule the next contact.

REPEAT until your desk and drawers are clean of any leads on paper.

If that was just TOO exciting and you want to keep going, open the rest...

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Lead A Day Club 05.13.201

lad lead a day May 13, 2021

The final step in Clarity on Your Life's Intentions is

... your WHY...

Setting Goals that support those Life's Intentions.

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Hopefully, you've completed the last few exercises from the last few business days... If not, go to the Your Coaching Matters Facebook Page and pull those up. YOU CAN GET CAUGHT UP TODAY!

Step 4 of 4 is to create a score for a Goal (goal= object or area towards which play is directed in order to score) around each intention.  

For example in the Financial LI above, a Score for the Goal for the 3 people above might be:

Person 1 - Treat myself to a massage every month on the last day of the month when I am successful around my definition of Financial Success each month.  

Person 2- Go on a fall vacation to Disney World when I’ve been I am successful...

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