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Lead a Day Club 06.30.2021

lad lead a day Jun 30, 2021

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

For the next 30 days, you pick up the phone.

Every day.

Until you reach a set number of people.

You decide that number.
Could be 2.
Could be 10.
Could be 20.

You pick the number. What’s your favorite number?

If you put your mind to it and make a commitment you can do it. Starting today through the rest of this month what time will you pick up the phone and call. How many people will you promise to talk to before you quit each and every day, as a minimum?

Here’s a tip: Underpromise this. And overdeliver. If you promise 2 and do 3, you have EXCEEDED what you promised. Bask in that glory. We tend to be excited about doing things again and again when we are successful at it. Set yourself up for success.

4 Steps to Success

1. Make a small sweet promise. Key SMALL.

2. Get the support of someone (tell SOMEONE else about your promise)

3. Focus on the result, not the action. "I will talk to 4 people today" vs "I will call for 1...

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Lead a Day Club 06.29.2021

lad lead a day Jun 29, 2021

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

IT’S SIMPLE: Start the Second Half of the Year off with a BANG!!

Book time on your calendar for 30 days starting July 1st and put one of each of these in there!!


Watch the Leads ROLL in !!

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A Smarter Goal - by Coach Donna Stott

You’ve heard of SMART goals, right?  

Different people do different things with the mnemonic acronym letters…  

The S is usually “Specific”, but I’ve also seen it as an S for: Simple, Significant, Sensible, 

The M is usually “Measurable”, but I’ve also seen it as an M for: Meaningful, Motivating,

The A is usually “Achievable”, but I’ve also seen it as an A for:  Attainable, Agreed Upon, Actionable

The R is usually “Realistic”, but I’ve also seen it an R for: Reachable, Reasonable, Results-Based, Relevant, Reviewed-Often, Risky, Repeatable

The T is usually “Time-Based”, but I’ve also seen it as a T for: Timely, Time-bound, Time-limited, and most recently TESTED. 
We have studied this and for several years used Goals that ARE SMART using some of the above and adding in additional words.

What works best for me is to think of it as:  A...

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Monday News You Can Use 06.28.2021


Cramer says no need to worry about this market!  Best Quote: "Millennials have been stuck living in their parents’ basements for years,” he said. “After a decade getting over the financial crisis, they’ve finally got the capital to buy their own homes.”
Creative Ad!  (Be sure to watch the video!!)


Tech Tip

Garbage can of the future is here now!

TOWNEW T Air Lite is lighter, more compact, and smarter. It uses built-in thermoplastic sealing technology to automatically seal the bag inside on its own.


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Lead a Day Club 06.28.2021 - Year in Review!!

lad lead a day Jun 28, 2021

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

It is time for the Mid-Year Review. Spend your 28 minutes today filling out the form and even better... I will personally commit to going over it with you on a call in July when you send it to me.

Yep, free coaching for 15-20 minutes.

Email it to me at [email protected]YourCoachingMatters.com

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Lead A Day Club 06.25.2021


"He was too good at too many things, so he couldn't be a successful at anything."

Be careful about having too many goals, dreams, business sources, leads... anything. The MANY keep you from excelling at anything.

Pick ONE to the absolute exclusion of the others. Today.

What ONE THING would you choose to work toward today again tomorrow, the next week, the next quarter. Until you get there. Some ideas to kick it off below. Pick ONE (or make up another one) and work on it for 28 minutes today:

My big ONE THING goal could be

Have my best ever Listings-Taken the month of my career.

Hold a record number of Open Houses for July, knocking 20 doors before each open with a firm goal to find 1 unrepresented seller lead and 1 unrepresented buyer lead for each Open House.

Talk to EVERY person I have a phone number for before the end of July 2021 and ask if I can be of service. EVERY ONE of them.

Have too many #'s? (a great problem to have BTW) --...

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Lead A Day Club 06.24.2021


We do not grow without being uncomfortable.
Welcome the uncomfortable.
Get comfortable with it.

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

So, some of you have been saying this month: "But Donna.... I just can't do it! I can't call those people!"

I'm here to say - Yes you can. And are you more committed to that story above... or are you more committed to your goals?

Your goals? Great.

Then today... for just 28 minutes... call the people in your database. Ask if you can serve them in any way... and see the magic happen. It's simple. If they don't need you right now, they will say so. Just say thanks for your time... and that you'll check in from time to time.

Magic will happen. If you are willing to be uncomfortable.

Go be VERY uncomfortable for 28 minutes.


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Lead A Day Club 06.23.2021


LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Last one in the series of properties to send. If you want to space these out once a week or month, just put in your calendar for the dates you want to send them.

Today's offering: Great homes to trade up or down to.

1. Search in MLS <3 year-old properties, which are more likely to be a move up/down.

2. Create 2 that would be moved up (bigger for a growing family) and 2 that would be down (like a luxury or in-town townhouse).

3. Ask your Database... are you more likely to make your next move with and UPSIZE or a DOWNSIZE? I have a great property to send you to look at that has a fabulous X (maybe put a picture in of the X... like fireplace, master bath, indoor/outdoor living space, garden, etc.)

4. Get the results. EVERYONE who replies is a lead. But you knew that.



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How can you keep yourself motivated? by Coach Lei Wang

If you have read the last newsletter Everest Lessons: How, you can imagine, if you don’t have a deep WHY for climbing this mountain, what kind of torture would it be to debate every day “Is it worth it?”

You have to want to climb because you are truly passionate about mountains.

Passion can help make those pains just part of the journey;

Passion can help make those suffering just the norm of an expedition life;

Passion can help you focus on experiencing the mountain instead of worrying about the outcome.

But Everest is more than just a mountain.

You have to want to climb this mountain beyond just your love for climbing. You need an even deeper why.

Only with a deep why, can you willingly give up the comfort of home and love of family in exchange for two months of suffering;

Only with a deep why, can you courageously make each step despite the fear;

Only with a deep why, can you keep moving forward even when all the odds are against you.

For me, I started this...

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Lead A Day Club 06.22.2021

lad lead a day Jun 22, 2021

The more VALUE you bring, the more SUCCESSFUL you are.

We continue this week with ideas to create a lead in 28 minutes FROM people in your database.

1. Go to MLS and find 3 potential STARTER homes. Good for 1st time Buyers.

2. Do a few examples about how a young single or couple could buy them. Are they USAA available? FHA? 5% down conventional? will an owner HOLD - that's a feature you can search in most MLS's, btw.

3. Send to your database asking: Who do you know that might want to buy a starter home? Here are a few on the market NOW.

You will get leads... GO.

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