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Lead A Day 9.4.2020

lead a day Sep 04, 2020
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Fundamental Mindset Shift

The "deal" in today's lesson is getting a Lead. Sometimes the answer to this question is the ONLY thing lacking in you getting a lead today.
Asking if you can go to work for someone.

Are you willing?


LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Ask every person you see or talk to today if you can go to work for them. Yep...

I don't care if you think you know the answer. Just ask.

Make it a joke if you have to - "My coach said I had to ask EVERY PERSON I saw or talked to today if I can go to work for them, so I'm asking. I mean, gotta do what the Coach says, right??"

Can you find some way to serve every person you come across today? What can you offer?

A Valuation on their home or neighborhood or area?

Introduction to a lender, handyman, roofer, insurance provider, etc?

Find out if there is any home available in a certain price range or area?

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Lead A Day 9.3.2020

lead a day Sep 03, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

Look at your annual goal and write down where you are now with closed deals and pendings that will close this year.

Then you will know exactly how many deals you need to open by end of Oct to close this year and HIT THAT GOAL!

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Do the little exercise above. Divide the # you need by TWO months and CRANK it this month to be on pace by September 30th.

Are you a little scared? Great.

Are you a LOT excited? BETTER!

Consider doubling your 28 minutes to 56 minutes a day this month to maximize your chances of hitting those goals!

Don't know where to start today? Here's your priority list:

1. Owners and Buyers under contract - Ask if they are hearing from anyone they know that may also want to sell/buy. When someone is doing one, others talk about it with them.

2. Listed properties and Hot Buyer leads. Ask them if there is someone they care about that you could also serve. Same comment as above.

3. Hot Leads of any type. Either they are...

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Lead A Day 9.2.2020

lead a day Sep 02, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

You may find the winds changing as we move into fall in regards to where you are finding leads. Adjust your sails to catch those leads.

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Give the image and words above a few minutes of thought.

What do you see in your market? Are there fewer or more Expired listings?

Are there fewer or more For Sale By Owners? Is inventory up or down?

Is the number of sales up or down?

BASED ON THE ANSWERS TO THE ABOVE take 28 minutes of Action.

It may be contacting FSBO's or Expireds (you can do this... it's just 28 minutes - muscle through!)

It may be telling your Database about inventory and numbers of sales data and asking if you can help them.

Super simple.

Just do it.

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Lead A Day 9.1.2020

lead a day Sep 01, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift


LAD 28 Minute ACTION

As we close out month 8 in 2020 - it's a good time to review what IS working in your business.

What we do RIGHT is something that is:

A. Easier to duplicate.

B. Probably something you enjoy.

Look at the list of your listings, pending's, and closed deals this year. Star the ones that you ENJOYED the most. Write down the sources of that business? What ACTIONS did you take to get that business? Can you take that Action again to duplicate that results?

This may have taken you 4-8 minutes to complete the above. Use the rest of your 28 minutes today taking that Action. I'd love to hear what it was. Hit reply and tell me.

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Monday News You Can Use! 8.31.2020

monday news Aug 31, 2020

(Video Link here) This song Rise Up really gets to me! 

Conversation advancer: 

"Softening Phrases"

AND not but

So that I can help you better ...

So that you can get exactly the outcome you’re looking for ...

So that we will make the most of our time together ...

Since your time is valuable ...

Since your home purchase/sale is extremely important ...

Since marketing your home has to be done correctly ...

In order for your home to sell this time ...

That’s exactly why we need to meet ...

That’s exactly why I’m calling you today ...

I’m not looking for a promise ... just an appointment.

So that you can get what you want ...

So that all of your questions are answered ...

I agree … I can...

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Lead A Day 8.31.2020

lead a day Aug 31, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

By taking 28 minutes a day to Reach out to Potential Sellers & Buyers, you ARE working the project of molding yourself into the person you want to become.

This is your most important Project.

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Write down this morning 3 things that you would DO to become the Agent you want to be. Please reply with the answers. My bet is ONE of them is more consistent Lead Generation and Follow Up.

If you are doing this work every day, great. For how long? Are you willing to add just 5 more minutes to that each day?

If you are doing it SOME of the days each week, are you willing to add just ONE more day each week?

If you are doing it now and then, are you willing to do it for 2 days this week minimum?

If you are not doing it at all, ever, are you willing to do it JUST FOR TODAY?

Make a commitment to yourself right now. What are YOU willing to do?

Now go do it for 28 minutes. NOW or scheduled for later today. BE the...

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Lead A Day 8.28.2020

lead a day Aug 28, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift



Housing Forecast 2020 - 2021



LAD 28 Minute ACTION


28-minute Lead Gen. today - 3 Steps:

1. Click on the link above and read the Forecast.
2. Choose the 1 YOU find most interesting or unexpected. Copy it.
3. Send it out to your Database quoting the article and tell them why you found it interesting. Do an add-on call-to-action in the email/mail/text/social media - whatever medium you use to send it out.

This should generate several leads. Just do it.



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Lead A Day 8.27.2020

lead a day Aug 27, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

Practice SPIN Selling today. What is it? Here you go in a 28- minute Nutshell


LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Your 28 minutes today are keeping this in front of you and using it with your calls today. Yes, calls. Call some leads and use this.

I hate the name of the process SPIN selling. Sounds shady... but it's not. S-P-I-N is just an acronym for a VERY powerful 4 step tool you should know and use.

Your potential clients will only be motivated to hire you or buy from you if they are clear about their NEED. You'd think by the time they get to us they know their need, but often they do NOT. The questions you ask may determine if they do anything at all... and if they do, the salesperson that helped them see clearly, is the one they want to hire.

I recommend the book, the audiobook or the crib notes. But if you don't want to...

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Lead A Day 8.26.2020

lead a day Aug 26, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

Having trouble with low inventory in your market? We can help... and YOU can help fix this in your market!

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

I've written a white-paper for Sellers to see how they can LIST, SELL and RE-BUY in this market.

Your job today is to

A) Download this paper HERE.

B) Read the instructions to you and copy/paste the actual white paper for your clients into a new word document.

C) Edit the word document for your marketplace and using some of your own phrases.

D) Send to everyone who is a Seller in your Database that has owned more than a few years (or just all the owners).

Depending on the size of your list, you may generate a LOT more than one lead from this.

But Donna... this is going to take more than 28 minutes... Yes, for some of you. Others will get it done in 10.

If that's not you, work on it for 28 minutes each of the next 3 days and you'll have it done.

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She just took her first listing using this 3-step system (+ LIVE WORKSHOP)

live workshops Aug 25, 2020
Hey, it’s Donna Stott,

Please meet Maggie Arnold.
She just got her first listing using the 3-Step System I briefly introduced you to in my last email.
Using this new 3-Step System with a video on Facebook, here’s Maggie herself:

She is following a 3-Step System for getting inbound listings quickly.
What really caught my attention is she has never done video marketing before. This has been her first attempt at it.
Here’s what she shared as an encouragement with a fellow agent:

Maggie isn’t the only one making this work.
In my next email, I’ll introduce you to Michael Smith in South Carolina.
Using this same 3-Step System, he has:

  • Generated 3 listing appointments
  • Converted one into a signed listing
  • The other committed to listing within 2 months
  • Got a buyer client who closed quickly

… and this all happened in 61 days from when he started using this system!
In my next email, I’ll share more technical details on why...

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