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Lead A Day Club 11.04.2020

lad lead a day Nov 04, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

Are You Still Learning?

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

A lot of our Lead-a-Day-Club actions the rest of this year will be around looking back... and forward.

Today's action is to look back at each of the following and make a list of each:

  1. Active Listings
  2. Listings that Sold and are pending or closed
  3. Listings that did NOT sell and expired or withdrew
  4. Buyers that are pending or closed
  5. Hot Leads you are working with now
  6. And if you have a list, Buyers who did NOT buy with you this year and Listing Appointments you did NOT get.

Next, write next to each one, Something you learned... or NEED to learn from each.

Might look like this:

2343 Bryant Lane - Learned how lucrative open houses can be! Need to Learn how to price right the first time, even in an area I don't know so well, so we don't need so many reductions.

1874 Jones Drive - Learned how fast a...

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Lead A Day Club 11.03.2020

lad lead a day Nov 03, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

"If you knew of a lead generation system that cost very little, helped you meet more clients face-to-face than real estate websites, apps, search engines or social networking, and allowed you to meet prospects this week,

would you use it?"

- Coach Mike Stott

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Spend 28 minutes today setting up to do THIS

Choose an Area with at least 100 homes in it.  BEST ONES ARE:

  • An Area with an OLDER demographic
  • An Area you recently sold 1 or more homes in
  • Your own Neighborhood
  • The Neighborhood you want to move to

Obtain Food Pantry Bags for Canned Goods - PLUS IT by having your own Bags Printed - Paper OR Canvas - with your CONTACT INFO ON THEM

Create a small give-away  - like branded note pads with a magnet for the fridge - and a sweet treat in a cellophane bag -...
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Lead A Day Club 11.02.2020

lad lead a day Nov 02, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

MORE THAN EVER it is time to PRE-PLAN next year’s Goals

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Action: Create your Business Plan step-by-step in the first 2 weeks of November. Spend 28 minutes a day on it in addition to generating leads for 28 minutes. 
Why do this NOW? Because you NEED November and December to PRACTICE the new Habits you will need for next year.
Starting now means you not only dream BIG, but you have the time needed to create the systems and habits necessary to reach next years goals AND practice those systems through the rest of this year
Remember... most of the work you do in Nov and Dec pays off in the 1st Quarter of the following year.

Step one in setting goals is looking at what you did this year.

Spend your 28 minutes today i...

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Monday News You Can Use 11.02.2020


Tell your sellers their homes have more value because rising costs are causing new homes to be more costly
Some good stats and thoughts are  Realogy’s CEO comments.  I like the term "social shifts" to account for increased demand for owners suite on main, home offices, outdoor spaces, etc.
Is covid affecting your marketplace? - we know Joe Hogin of Maui very well - 
New must-have - Outdoor heaters
Conversation Advancer:
“If I already found the property I would like picked out will you give me commission back since you don’t have to work as hard?”
Outstanding! It's great you have a property in mind. If we don’t have to tour through as many homes, that does cut down on some time but the true value I bring is advising, negotiating, and bringing the...
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Lead A Day Club 10.30.2020

lad lead a day Oct 30, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

Happy Halloween Tomorrow!

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Tomorrow ends the month of October and it's time to move into the season of Grateful.

Today, for 28 minutes make a list of who you are most grateful for in your business. Could be past clients, coi that have introduced you to others, vendors, or even your manager, broker or your staff.

Next, select the top 5 of those people who are in a position to provide you repeat or referral business in the future.

Write each a quick note thanking them for the past and providing them 3 business cards to pass on in the future to someone that might need your help... Ask if they would mind giving those out to the next 3 people they run into that either need to buy or sell... or they think should.

Offer a token reward... something like: When you've given away that last business card, let me know so I can...

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Lead A Day Club 10.29.2020

lad lead a day Oct 29, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

It's the 2nd to the last day... of the first month... of the last quarter... of this year.

YOU can make BIG things happen today. Heck, it was only a bit less than 400 years ago the ENTIRE BAHAMAS was given to Sir Robert Heath!


LAD 28 Minute ACTION

While you probably don't get gifted a beautiful tropical island chain, you CAN get gifted a LEAD.

IF, and only if:

1. You are willing to be open and receptive to it. (Are you?)

2 You are willing to be in the right place at the right time today (what opportunities do you have today to BE somewhere?)

3. You are willing to be of true SERVICE to someone that needs your service. NOTE: You won't know if you can be unless you TALK to people.

4. You are willing to ask if they are willing to have you help.

ARE YOU WILLING? Do that for 28 minutes. Let's hear back about the...

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Lead A Day Club 10.28.2020

lad lead a day Oct 28, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

Let go of those Clients that need to fly away.

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Today's action may generate a lead or it may just get rid of a lot of bad ones... Realize that getting rid of bad leads is making more room and time and attention for good ones.

Look at all Leads in the order at the bottom of this Action.

Decide which you really WANT to work with and which have ignored you, may not really be qualified to buy/sell, or are clearly not in your minimum standards.

Use the Last Call Script (search files on Lead a Day Club Facebook page and Your Coaching Matters Lead a Day entries) (and yes, I know I just banished "scripts" and then gave you one....) on those and hit "Done" with no follow up date on their record.

Do not delete them because letting them go often brings them back.. If you don't...

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Creating a new habit is like....

I took a note recently. It's what I do... I write things I am listening to on pieces of paper or in an open email.  Could be a speaker, could be a show, could be a coaching call... It's a habit I've created. 

I am not sure where I was when I took this note. It's on a bon appetite long narrow paper that says "shopping list" at the top, lol. Something the magazine must have sent me with an invoice or an offer. 

It says "Creating a New Habit is Like" at the top. And then has a #1, 2 and 3 listed below.  

#1 says - Like moving boulders and taking out trees and removing shrubs from a new path to get to ________*  (that apparently meant to get to whatever new place you want to be with your new habit)

#2 says - Like trudging through the messy path made by the tree and boulder and shrub removal in mud up to your knees and with debris all around and picking up the rubbish a bit more each time to go to _______*

#3 says - Like continuing to weed and smooth down...

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Lead A Day Club 10.27.2020

lad lead a day Oct 27, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

Want to have the easiest, most predictable, highest profit business?

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

1 in 10 homeowners move each year, on average. That is 10 in 100. 50 in 500 and 100 out of 1000. Rarely do they know they will move 12 months before the move.

Your job today for 28 minutes is to find a minimum of 10 homeowners to ask the question: Do you plan to move in the next year. Understanding that most of them won't know the answer is yes. Then, schedule them for a next contact to check in again as appropriate. Could be soon if they say maybe... could be later (say 90 days) if they say "no way."

If you have 1000 homeowners in a database that hear from you personally on a regular basis and think of you as THEIR Agent without a shadow of a doubt, how many deals would you do a year, knowing you won't get them all no matter what?

Do you...

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Lead A Day Club 10.26.2020

lad lead a day Oct 26, 2020

Fundamental Mindset Shift

This career is a blessing. Are we treating it as such?

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Seriously... what did we do to get ready for our real estate careers? Yes, a very few of you went and got a 4 yr or master's degree in business or in real estate... but not many.

Most of us put very little into "earning the right" to be a Real Estate Agent. It's simply a blessing in our lives.

Today, spend 28 minutes calling those you are grateful for related to your career. Perhaps your first Broker or Manager. And your first few clients ever. Maybe even your first few co-op agents or vendors that worked with you.

If you can't remember those, then call the LAST ones that have blessed your real estate career.

We challenge you today to be in a state of Grace. Grace brings unexpected or unearned blessings. Be open, express gratitude, and see what happens. We can't wait to hear.

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