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Your Coaching Matters.


 That's why we've spent the past 14 years dedicating ourselves to being the best coaches possible, and its why we strive to consistently learn more about the business of coaching as well as the businesses of real estate, month after month. Because of our commitment to our clients, we've helped hundreds of agents find significant success not only in their businesses but in their lives.


Here's what a few of our clients are saying:

“I have been a Realtor since 1987 and have decided that I would like to retire in a few years. In order to create an "exit strategy" I thought it might be a good idea to hire a real estate coach. I got several recommendations for Your Coaching Matters. After looking at their available options, I signed up for private coaching. I'm very happy with that choice. I was telling my wife the other day that Donna Stott is worth every cent of the monthly fee. Donna has me focused on my business in a way that I was never able to do consistently over the years. I'm tracking my production daily, meeting my goals (or exceeding them) and in spite of the Covid-19 problems, I am on track to having the best year ever in my career! If you've been considering hiring a coach, I would encourage you to make that commitment to your career. You will not regret it.”

 ~ Mike West 

REMAX of PA, MD, and WV (717) 360-1925 Cell

"I was stuck doing helping only about 20 people a year until I joined Your Coaching Matters. My Coach and the Numbers Tracker is a MUST HAVE in your business. You learn what's important to you and create Goals to go after with a Clear plan! I look forward to tracking to see clearly my goals, income and where I am so far... all in one place. Going over this with my Coach weekly has grown my business from 20 a year to over 100!"

~ Connie Fitzgerald

REMAX Closers Southern Maryland 301-672-1634 Cell

"Mike and the Your Coaching Matters Team: We are blessed to work with someone who cares like you do! Your passion for people shows in your actions and your instruction. Thanks for all you did for us this year... again! The boot Camp Coaching Groups helped and we'll work with you again."

~ Mark Spain

The Mark Spain Team |

"I met Mike and Donna at their Annual Summit by invitation from another Agent. He quit, but I have stayed on and I'm so glad I did. My business has more than tripled and I have hired 1 full time and 1 part time assistant. In a few months I plan to hire my 2nd full time because we can't keep up with all the closings. Yes, I do the work... AND the Coaching has made all the difference. You will not regret taking the risk and hiring them!"

~John Michael Cunningham

Keller Williams |

"I met Donna Stott over 10 years ago. I cannot imagine being in the real estate business without a Coach and Your Coaching Matters is the best. Donna has helped me be clear about my business and my personal life, blending to two so I have more ease in my life. I have increased my average sales price because we created a plan. The unique plan she helps create is not just about business, it is about all the aspects of your life. Donna truly cares about her clients, she is dependable and positive.
The best! "

~ Terri Pointzious

Willis Allen Real Estate

"I began my journey with Mike Stott 7 years ago. In that time I have gone from a struggling Realtor with very few sales and no direction to being a Realtor with a team of 4 Agents, Closing Coordinator, Full Time Assistant and more sales than I ever thought possible. But more importantly than those achievements is having a feeling of professional career satisfaction I owe a large part of the credit to Mike’s ability in helping me define my direction and accountability. What makes Mike so helpful to so many of his clients is that he is still active in the RE business, therefore he is teaching all of us from a perspective of real world experiences. Not Pie-In The Sky theoretical ideas touted by RE Coaches who aren’t actively selling RE now. At the very least I highly recommend a simple phone conversation to see if any of his ideas resonate with you."

~ Steve Williams

Edgewater Properties

"Your Coaching Matters is top-notch coaching from real agents who’ve been successful in their own businesses. I was fortunate to start with them back when they were Stott Coaching in 2008 and have stayed because it works. Coaching is not an expense, it is a profit center. I know my Coaches sincerely care about me and I could call on them 24/7 if I needed to. They care that much. I have referred a ton of people to them and will continue to do so. I'd say, hire them NOW. Sooner is better than later!"

~ Michelle Camaioni

212 Team RE/MAX (240) 538-6852‬

"I was referred to Your Coaching Matters when I changed from being a builder to being a real estate agent over 9 years ago. In my first full year as an agent I was Rookie of the year and now my small team sells over 100 homes a year with close to 90% of it from working with my Database of Past Clients and Friends. Believe me when I say that hiring a Coach, specifically , Your Coaching Matters made a huge difference in my success. The average agent fails in 2 years. I get to go on cruises, send my kids to college, and live a great life. Thank you Your Coaching Matters!"

~ Chris Hill

C21 New Millennium | [email protected]