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Lead A Day Club 03.16.2021

lad lead a day Mar 16, 2021

What 6+ figure agents know:

You must develop a strong point of Differentiation to compete on the Playing Field. AND you must be courageous and compelling in explaining the benefit of this difference to potential Clients.

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Today's 28-minute Lead Generation idea is to look at possible Points of Differentiation. What makes YOU great to work with for your clients? Spend half of your time picking out 2-3-4 points to choose from (Note, you can DO all of them but we're going to use these for a Contact to pick the top ONE).

Spend the 2nd half of your 28 minutes writing an email you BCC to all your best friends, family, past clients, and other COI. Ask them for a quick favor to help you out. Ask WHICH of the 2-3-4 you came up with is the MOST important to stress when marketing yourself. Explain you DO all of them but want to focus on the most important as seen by the public. Have them rank in order and get back to you.

( Yep......

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Lead A Day Club 03.15.2021

lad lead a day Mar 15, 2021

People who earn 6+ figures a year, do more...
but it's not a WHOLE lot more than others.

Winners win by a smidge...

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Today's 28-minute Lead Generation idea is to look at All the Leads you've been generating since January working on the Lead a Day Program. IF you're new with us, that's OK, hopefully, you have some old leads and if not, do this with your COI or PC list.

Today we will be writing for 28 minutes. You will look at your list and find someone you aren't 100% sure will be working with you. Then you write them a handwritten note and put it in the mail with several business cards. As fast as you can, as many as you can, for 28 minutes.


Want to plus it?

AFTER your 28 minutes are up, add an article you think they'd enjoy to the envelopes before closing and mailing. Find one online and print it and highlight one or more sections and write on it somewhere, "Saw this and thought of you."

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Monday News You Can Use 03.15.2021

Couldn’t disagree more but she’s trusted and you should know what she’s saying We will talk about this on the Coach is In Tuesday at 11:00 am.
This is a shame - black homeownership hits lowest levels - who do you know that you could support in buying.
How long does it take to buy a house? (send to your buyer leads)


Tech Tip

Consider this Facebook Studio 

Find your favorite features from Publishing Tools (and much more)
on one easy-to-use surface.

  • Manage and filter uploads from any Page in your new content library
  • Get insights on...
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Lead A Day Club 03.12.2021

lad lead a day Mar 12, 2021
There is MAGIC at looking at WHAT WENT RIGHT and
The Universe already practiced on that one,
so get on for the ride to the next Success!

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Today's 28-minute Lead Generation idea from Coach Mike:
Bandit Signs
We’ve all seen them, those small handwritten signs on street corners – "We’ll buy your home for cash", or "real estate investors needed".
How about we call them and ask how we can help them find properties? Let's be willing to get a notepad and for the next week spend 28 minutes writing down the numbers this week as you drive around and give those potential clients a call. What an opportunity to create a connection with someone who wants to buy/sell!
A simple question might be “I am an agent specializing in (Area)... I noticed your sign and was wondering... How do you define a "good deal?" Is it being able to...
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Lead A Day Club 03.11.2021

lad lead a day Mar 11, 2021

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Today's 28-minute Lead Generation idea is around being INTENTIONAL. You have a Goal for this month, right? And we are RIGHT In MID MONTH now.

Here's the question... ARE YOU AT 50% or greater of this month's goal? IF SO, great, do what you've been doing! REPEAT! You are ON it. Just keep on doin' it today.

If NOT, you must look at doing MORE. I know... I tell you only 28 minutes a day.

AND - do you want to reach this month's goal??

If so, do MORE today. Double your 28 minutes. Triple it. Quadruple it. JUST for today.

AND do something HIGHER CONVERSION than normal.
Outside your Comfort Zone.

Here are few OPTIONS for today if you fit in THIS side of the question:

1. Do your daily Lead Gen TONIGHT for 90 minutes with a group of people - socially distancing of course. Who could you get to come to make contacts WITH you? Your lender? Your termite vendor? Your stager? Your office-mate? The last 10 hires your office did?...

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Lead A Day Club 03.10.2021 - Your Time is Valuable!

lad lead a day Mar 10, 2021

How Valuable is Your Time?

People who earn a lot of money KNOW this number intimately. The more intimately they know it, the more money they make.

Quick formula:

How much is your Goal - Example: $250,000

How many hours will you work? Example: 9 hours a day 220 days/year = 1980 hours

Value of an hour? $126/hr

Experts say at best we are truly Productive only 1/3 of the time.

That would mean in the example above our Productive Hourly Value is about $378/hr

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Your job in 28 Minutes of Lead Generation today is on FOCUSED PRODUCTIVE HOURS. Do what it takes to find as many someones that want to sell or buy this year as you can in 28 minutes. Do NOT try to convince them to list or get prequalified at this time. That is for follow-up. Simply get a list of as many people as you can find. Name, address, contact info.

Pretend you are working for another agent who will do all the follow-up, all the closing for...

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Lead A Day Club 03.09.2021

lad lead a day Mar 09, 2021

What's on tonight?

by Seth Godin

A few decades ago, there were only three channels to watch. Worse, it was common for people to continue watching the same channel all night, rather than checking out the two alternatives. The 8 pm lead-in was critical.

TV Guide, at one point the most valuable magazine in the United States, changed that. The entire magazine was devoted to answering just one question: What's on right now?

It turned consumption into a bit more of an intentional act. I mean, people were still hiding out, glued to their TVs, but at least they were actively choosing which thing to watch.


The internet, of course, multiplies the number of choices by infinity. And our screen time has only gone up.

But here's the question: The next thing you read, the next thing you watch--how did you decide that it was next? Was it because it was the nearest click that was handy?

Or are you intentional about what you're learning, or connecting with, or the...

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Lead A Day Club 03.08.2021

lad lead a day Mar 08, 2021






It only takes 28 minutes a day to change your business forever. Plus it's way easier than a chunk of 140 minutes once a week, isn't it??




LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Today's 28-minute Action is to do a "28 minute Farm".


Step 1 - Pick a geographic area that is super small. Like the streets around a listing you have or a sale you just made. Something you've done right that you'd like to duplicate. Got it? Great. 1 minute in, 27 to go.

Step 2 - Do a General CMA in your MLS for that criteria above. NO criteria other than the Neighborhood, Street, or Area. 3 more minutes down, 24 to go.

Step 3 - For 24 minutes, call that area with the CMA to reference, offering to send them a copy... using whatever service you use for phone number lookup (hopefully, you have one already, if not here are a few you might want to try after-tax records (some have #'s) or just plain old "google it"....

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Monday News You Can Use 03.08.2021

CoStar not buying CoreLogic 
IKEA Selling tiny homes


Tech Tip

Use your email to store all conversations with your clients. Have three or more folders (Leads, Lisitngs, Contracts) and subset folders into each of them for each client and store every conversation (or confirmation of a phone conversation in email) for future reference.

Conversation advancer of the week: 

Use Most People to your advantage -
the brain wants to think we are like most people.
So Sprinkle in  - Most people who list with me find they get...
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Lead A Day Club 03.05.2021

lad lead a day Mar 05, 2021


People rarely do what you EXPECT...
but they almost always do what you INSPECT.

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Today's 28-minute Lead Generation idea is to look at what others are supposed to be doing for you.

Spend 5 minutes each checking on:

Where the Lender is on Prequalifying that buyer, you sent - Or on a Deal you have going.

Where the Title Company is on solving that problem you asked them to look at.

Where your potential Buyer is on gathering information to be able to make a loan application.

Where your potential Seller is on getting the house ready to go on the market.

Where your assistant is on completing that assignment from last Friday.

Where your Broker is on getting those new company leads to you.

Where your Contacts are from last week - I have a buyer requests are on finding a house that your buyer might like... have they seen or heard of one yet?

How those Open House lookers are doing - are they ready to meet yet?

This may create a lead or convert a...

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