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Monday News You Can Use!


  • Interesting stats On Debt in the US -Including a hidden one that suggests student loan default may be close to 19% - A trillion is a Million Million!  A million seconds is 11.5 Days. A Billion seconds is almost 32 years so a Trillion seconds is 32,000,000 Years!
  • For every owner - Renovations Projects that get returns! Average 63.7% value to cost - I was surprised at the best value!
  • I was also amazed at the percentage of new construction buyers that used an agent!  Also, an argument to NOT sell by owner!

Conversation advancers:

Some Smart people are quoted in this article.
App of the week: 

https://photofy.com/ especially useful if you Instagram
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Monday News You Can Use!

Uncategorized Feb 10, 2020

Monday, February 10, 2020



Conversation advancers to use in a lot of situations only once you’ve built trust:

Questions to dig deep:
  1. What is the most important thing for us to talk about?
  2. What's going on relative to this issue?
  3. How is it impacting you?  
  4. Who else is affected?
  5. If nothing changes, what are the implications?
  6. How have you contributed to this situation?
  7. What is the ideal outcome? 
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