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Lead a Day Club 07.23.2021

lad lead a day Jul 23, 2021

Give people something to choose from... and they most likely DO.

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

28 minutes

Step 1 - Pull up new listings within a short distance to where you work from.

Step 2 - Look at them and choose TWO that have some features you were impressed by. Could be the fireplace, outdoor entertainment area, kitchen, master bath, yard, price, etc. Something you can DESCRIBE in words.

Step 3 - Set up a preview appointment to see the listings (for later, not now... like on your way home today or before you come in tomorrow)

Step 4 - Post on your personal social media page. Not the picture, just the description in your words. (Be excited!) .

Example: Boy! I just saw two new listings today that were like WOW! One has the BIGGEST BEST backyard I've seen in years... and the other had the coziest breakfast nook looking out into a lovely garden. Wish they were in the same home but they aren't. Which would you rather see a picture of?

Step 5- Fulfill the...

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Lead a Day Club 07.22.2021

lad lead a day Jul 22, 2021

Of the hundreds of Agents I've interviewed over the years, over 90% of those doing over 75 deals a year are doing it by contacting people they know. Period.

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Call 10 people you know but haven't talked to in the last month. (We're almost at the end of the 31-day challenge - you got this!!)

EVERY ONE OF YOU knows 10 people (relatives are fine). Tell them something of value. Tell them about a house you saw recently, or about this article.

Then ask them if they have any plans to move in the next year. If so, great! You got a lead.

If not, ask them if anyone they know might be moving. If so... great! You've got a lead.

Hint: Calling those that OWN a home is more likely to get you a lead than calling renters. UNLESS they have great income and SHOULD own instead of renting!

GO. 28 minutes and you'll have a lead. Tell me if you don't and I'll role play with you. :)

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Lead a Day Club 07.21.2021

lad lead a day Jul 21, 2021

The track is just the road to run on...
the finish line is what you want to cross.
As fast as you can!

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Today, make your contacts standing up! Get your headset on and arrange yourself so you can make calls for 28 minutes. Walk-in place between calls.

Your suggestion today is to pull up Craigslist or Zillow For Sale By Owners within a short distance of your office. Keep it super simple. Find those with a phone number only.

Call the number, identify yourself as an agent, and ask them if you can preview the home. Why? You want to see the local inventory for sale (whether they offer a commission or not to a buyer's agent).

Those that say yes, set an appointment to meet them. Those that say no, NEXT! Remember, ONLY do this with the ones you are physically close to.

FSBO's are one of your Fastest Sources of Business Opportunity. They are also raising their hands and saying "Hey there, look here, I want to sell my house. Here's my phone number. ~ Oh, and btw, I don't...

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Do you have a System?

Did you catch the interview Donna Stott had with Bob Burg during Monday Mindset on July 19th? If you didn’t, watch it now on YCM Facebook. The interview was a wealth of information and great ideas!! However, one theme was very apparent – you need to have a system.
Both Donna and Bob demonstrated how simple a system could be when making a contact, thanking them and making a donation in their honor as a thank you. An easy and quick system that makes a lasting impression.
Does YOUR Real Estate business have a system? No, not your company’s business system, your system. There is a difference. Your company may have an outline of how you are supposed to be working under their broker’s license. Your State outlines contract laws and ethics with how you treat the public. All very useful, but do YOU have a system in YOUR business? How organized are you?
Do you have a system set in place of what to do...
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Lead a Day Club 07.20.2021

lad lead a day Jul 20, 2021

 Leave 99.99% of Stones Unturned

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

You've heard the phrase "Leave no stone unturned," right?

Today's 28-minute challenge is to NOT turn over every stone. Only the one that says Lead Generate or Lead Follow up for 28 minutes.

We have too many stones in our lives today. Turning them all over is both crazy-making and a waste of your precious time. Leave them unturned. Delete the offers from your email. And just prospect for 28 minutes.


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Monday News You Can Use 07.19.2021


  • Is it hot in your city??
  • It’s so hot cows are giving evaporated milk.
  • It’s so hot I set the house on fire just to cool off
  • It’s so hot people are holding signs that read, “Will work for shade.”
And for your viewing and listening enjoyment an oldie but goodie
Is your city on the List?  Atlanta is - cities most in danger of being foreclosures increase But read the last line - there’s not much danger. 
Lumber prices down but prices for homes still up. 
Call all your past clients- Mortgage refinance fee eliminated. 
Their time this week Pacaso has come up in discussion - any of you working with them.


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Lead a Day Club 07.19.2021

lad lead a day Jul 19, 2021


Does this moment have your full ATTENTION?

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

An author/friend/client of ours wrote a book of 52 acronyms - 1 for each week to consider. Week 32 was ATTENTION.

A - Aiming

T- this

T - time

E - energy


T - thought

I - into

O - optimizing

N - now

Are you spending 28 minutes a day Generating New Leads? That's all it takes to be massively successful. Giving your Attention to that part of the business for less than half-hour a day. Optimizing NOW to its Fullest Potential.

Aiming your attention and this short amount of time, energy, and thought on generating a new lead... from someone you know or someone they know (highest quality are those 2 types - NOT strangers).

Today contact everyone in your contact with the last name starting with J for July or A for August. Just ask how they are... how happy they are in their housing situation NOW... and offer to help if they are not happy. That's it. KISS - Keep it Simple, Salesperson...

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Lead a Day Club 07.16.2021

lad lead a day Jul 16, 2021


LAD 28 Minute ACTION


Is it lead generation? Spend 28 minutes today finding partners to generate with each day for the next week.
Is it lead follow-up? Spend 28 minutes today finding partners to do lead follow-up with each day for the next week.
The 28 minutes you spend today will get you closer to that FUN part... which is often taking a listing, showing homes, making a sale... and going to closing!
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Lead a Day Club 07.15.2021

lad lead a day Jul 15, 2021

What if your goal was... for the next 10 days... to find at least 10 people a day who did NOT want to buy or sell?

When you are looking for NO... you stumble upon Yes's where you least expected. Try it!

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

In the book Go for No, the goal becomes to find a certain number of "no's" a day. Notice that you succeed every time someone says No.... This will be fun, I promise.

Call every homeowner you can in 28 minutes that you do NOT think wants to sell their home.

Your job is to verify that indeed... they love the house they own and absolutely would not consider selling it this year, no matter what the price would be.

My bet? If you reach 10 or more.... you find someone that you believe would NOT sell... that just might.

Go for it!

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Lead a Day Club 07.14.2021

lad lead a day Jul 14, 2021

Halfway through the first month of the 2nd half of the year! What will you do TODAY to make the 2nd half better than the 1st half?

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Did you do the Mid-Year review we sent end of June? No?

Then take your 28 minutes today and do it. Can't find it? Hit reply and I'll send it to you.There is no excuse not to do it... unless this is a hobby and not a business.

Tough loving you today.

BTW, if you DID do it, GREAT! Go call your Vendors and ask how THEIR mid year reviews went. Offer to go to lunch with one to compare reviews and talk about how you can each help the other reach your 2nd half goals.

Vendors can be GREAT sources of business... Are you asking them for it? More importantly, are YOU referring to THEM? If you do... they will too. Just the way it works.

Plan to REFER someone 8X for every ONE you get back. What if that were predictable enough that you looked for 8 people a day to refer to someone else (lender, handyman, electrician, plumber, wealth...

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