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Monday News You Can Use 06.21.2021


Millennials sometimes regret buying- have the conversation before they buy.

Looking for a forever home - consider these tips!

Rents increasing dramatically!

What do you think of this plan to get more people into housing?


Tech Tip Toy


For working on frustration Box it out 

Liteboxer is the first-of-its-kind connected fitness platform for the home that provides an engaging and unbeatable full-body boxing workout by combining advanced Rhythm Technology™, music, and expert training in one platform.


Conversation advancer of the...

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Lead A Day Club 06.21.2021


Giving your Database REGULAR contact with great ideas and information and
opinions creates the relationship that causes business to FLOW to you easily!

Today's 28 minutes are spent by:

1. Talk to a lender about refinancing options.

2. Publish what you learned to everyone in your database that owns a home.

Yep, that simple.

Ask if they want to talk to your lender (don't give lender's info unless they ask) and when they ask, talk to them about why they are considering a refi... that answer will let you know if they are a lead or not.

The last time I did this an owner said "I want to refinance to buy a rental." Yep. Bazinga!

Got one.

Take the 28 minutes and do this one NOW!

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Lead A Day Club 06.18.2021


Always be thinking of ways to bring VALUE
to that goldmine that is your Database.

Here's a 28-minute idea to bring value:

Look on MLS to find 3 properties that would make decent investments (that you would be willing to sell.)

Create an email, social media post, or mailing to your Database with those 3 offerings.

Explain about how much down, how much in closing costs, how much an estimated payment would be at X down, what the rent income would be, and what that profit looks like (or cost.)

Then show what it could be worth when it's paid off in 15/30 years... with a tenant paying back most or all of the loan.

Money is cheap. Teach your clients how to use the bank's leverage to build a legacy income.


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Lead A Day Club 06.17.2021


INTERPRETING information is what our clients want in today's world. Information they can get online any hour of the day or night. Your OPINION about that information is what is unique.

Your OPINION is the valuable thing to bring your Database today.

Pick a stat, any stat, about your market.

Create an opinion about that stat. Will it go up/down? Why?

Spend 28 minutes creating a SHORT letter or email about that and arrange to get to your database. AND/OR post on your social media page.

How does this generate a lead? Here's the secret:

ASK your database to reply as to whether they agree with your opinion or disagree... and if they disagree, ask why.

Be open to others' opinions and willing to discuss and bring more data to the conversation.

THIS creates conversation, which creates leads!

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Lead A Day Club 06.16.2021


Helping Your Database causes trust for repeat business... and referrals.

Keep it simple.

Yesterday we talked about helping your database by having a mortgage insurance discussion that could save them thousands of dollars.

Today you will, in 28 minutes, identify as many people in your Database that have owned a home for over 5 years... and discuss with them what their next move will look like.

The Conversation Starter goes like this:

Hi Joe, it's Donna at XYZ real estate.

I just ran across your file and noticed something interesting... do you know you guys have lived in your home now for X years? Yep, the purchase date was XX/XX/XXXX. That's right!

Since most people think about moving between year 5 and 10, I was wondering... if you guys WERE to move at some point in that timespan, would you be making an move to a bigger or smaller place next time?

Then, take the conversation from there. My bet? You get a lead from this in 28 minutes or less... and you EDUCATED your Database...

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Is it really worth it? by Coach Lei Wang

coach lei wang Jun 15, 2021

“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how”. 

~ Friedrich Neitzsche

This famous Nietzsche quote is the absolute foundation if you want to succeed in any difficult endeavor.

To avoid making it an abstract philosophical discussion, let me share with you the “how” one has to bear on Mount Everest, the “how” that caused one-third of climbers to quit before the summit push… not for just a few days or weeks, but every day for 2 months!

First, the pain of breathing the thin air.

If you have ever been to Denver, the mile-high city, or have hiked on Mount Rainier, you may have a sense of what I am talking about.

And Everest basecamp is more than 3 miles above sea level, or 3000 feet higher than the summit of Mount Rainier.

Can you imagine how much thinner is the air up there? And you live there for almost two months?

The pain of constant coughs and headache, of clearing your nose of bloody secretions every few minutes.

This is what...

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Lead A Day Club 06.15.2021


Knowing how to help your clients gives you an incentive to offer that help.

We will be covering over the remaining Lead-A-Day-Club messages in June exactly how you can help the people in your Database. Helping them creates loyalty and respect and trust.

That, in turn, creates the creating of Leads from the database as well as referrals, recommendations to people they know.

Let's start with one of the reasons people should know the value of their homes.

Mortgage insurance.

MOST areas have primarily lower than 20% down payment purchases. If you put down less than 20%, there is more than likely a mortgage insurance premium being paid with each mortgage payment.

Many of those payments can be eliminated IF the homeowner has more than 22% equity and in some cases, they may also need to have had the loan over 5 years.

By educating your Database on the value of their property, and looking at their loan balance you can seriously help them save a lot of money....

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Lead A Day Club 06.14.2021


"Fearlessness is necessary for the development of other noble qualities." ~Gandhi

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Fearlessness is a key characteristic of a Successful agent.

If you were fearless, what would you educate your database on today?

Would it be the truth about the cleanliness and staging needed to maximize profit on a home sale?

Would it be the truth about fixers/flippers?

Would it be the truth about the enormous paperwork and privacy given up to get a home loan? And how your services make that process easier?

Would it be that resale homes are not expected to be "like new?"

Pick something to be fearless about today in educating at least 5 people. Write it out and then spend 28 minutes contacting and educating. Ask each person to pass on the information to someone in their lives it would have meaning to. Be sure to mail each (or hand them if you educated in person) a few of your business cards to share.

Ah ha...

Yep, it's the people THEY educate...

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Monday News You Can Use 06.14.2021


How the pandemic affected rental prices - pretty cool chart

Canada is soaring too! 

Nice video from Realtor.com 

Yea!   Nice work 

Trump Tower prices dropping by as much as a third! 


Tech Tip

Touch of Modern

Fingerprint Doorlock - good for rentals?

The Ultraloq UL1 is a revolutionary smart lock that offers entry via biometric fingerprint identification, contactless key fob, or your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. The new Bridge upgrade even allows you to share an eKey with guests while you're away from your home and monitor all activity via the iOS or Android app.


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Lead A Day Club 06.11.2021

lad lead a day Jun 11, 2021

Sometimes finding a lead TODAY, means looking backwards.

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

My bet is... that there is an expired listing within 5 miles of your office that has not sold or re-listed with anyone yet.

Yes, they may be expired more than a day.... a week... a month... a year... even 2,3,4,5 years. But there is one. I'd bet $5 on it.

Today, figure out who they are and go knock on their door. If you feel uncomfortable doing that, send them a letter. Or find on social media and see if you have friends in common... Or google them and look for a phone number.

PS - The ones no one else is contacting or those over a week old... just sayin' if you don't want competition, start there...

Are you willing? If not... what ARE you willing to do? Do that.

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