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Is Automation MAKING your business or KILLING it?

by Coach Donna Stott

I recently got an email with the Subject Line “AUTOMATE OR DIE.”
And I wanted to write back and say… “No… it’s OVER-AUTOMATE and ABSOLUTELY KILL YOUR BUSINESS.”
I believe Automation is MOSTLY costing you a ton of business and will give just a few examples of things you CAN automate and the COST of doing it. 
But before I start….
Here is another Proclamation:  
OK… so here’s a shortlist:
Social Media Posts
Yes, you can Automate 100 ways… I use Keeping Current Matters social media automation ONLY for my business FB page, Twitter and Linked In. And I change the dates, times, and lead in/signature comments frequently…HOWEVER... If I post a good KCM article on my PERSONAL page (the one people actually read), I do it...
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What is a Goal?

By Coach Mike Stott

Most of us have created personal or professional goals: Some we have completed and celebrated; some we have had a sense of “so what” about, and others we have abandoned. Our view of goals may not conform to how you usually think about goals.  It’s useful to look at goals during this time of year as we ready ourselves for 2022.  Let’s look at what Dr. Maria Nemeth from the Academy of Coaching Excellence says about goals.

A powerful goal gives you an opportunity to demonstrate what has true meaning for you. Most of what you now consider to be goals are probably tasks or “to do’s.”

What is a goal? An area or object toward which play is directed in order to score.

  • A goal is an expression of one of your Life’s Intentions in physical reality.
  • A goal is a promise that you make to yourself that you really are going to do.
  • A goal isn’t an open-ended process: you complete it, rejoice, and go on to the next.
  • ...
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7 Tips to Achieve Your Goals

by Coach Mike Stott

Our definition of Success is doing what you said you would do, consistently, with clarity focus ease, and grace.  (Thanks to Dr. Maria Nemeth from the Academy of Coaching Excellence.)

Here are 7 Tips to think about that may help you reach your goals.

1)    Forget about perfection.  Be gentle with yourself and know that life is unpredictable.  Unexpected things will happen. When they do – take a step back and look at what happened and ask yourself will this stop me from achieving my goal? If it doesn’t then adapt and move forward.  The goal is consistency, not perfection.

2)    Learn from Failures.  There is beauty in failure because it can often reveal what could be done better.  Failing is proof of your efforts.  If you can see failure as a gift and an opportunity to learn you may find yourself wishing to fail faster!

3)    Take small sweet steps! ...

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Monday News You Can Use 10.25.2021


3 Ways to get into the housing game
In Case you haven’t heard: Zillow stops buying homes for at least three month. 
Foreclosures coming?

Tech Tip

Need an Umbrella or No?
Try this App - DarkSky

Dark Sky offers hyperlocal weather information. With down-to-the-minute forecasts, you’ll know exactly when the rain will start or stop — right where you’re standing. (It’s like magic.)

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5 Questions to Succeed in 2022

by Coach Donna Stott

After 35 years of selling real estate and 15 years of Coaching Agents and Broker, this is what I know for NOW:
There are 5 REALLY important Questions to answer BEFORE you start setting goals for 2022.  
And you need a LITTLE data before you answer the questions.
Data to collect first: 
What was my “best year in the business” so far… my previous PEAK year?
For that Peak Year -  What was my volume, number of sales, structure (agents on team/staff) income GCI, and Profit (Profit is what you paid taxes on for your 1099 that year)
Once you have that, here are the 5 Questions to answer BEFORE you start goal setting for 2022:
1. What does YOUR next “PEAK” look like in the future?  
Note that it doesn’t have to mean more numbers… it may be LESS!
2. Ideally, when would that next “PEAK" HIT (next year, 5 yr plan, 10 yr plan)? 
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When is it time to prepare for support? How about NOW?

 by Coach Donna Fleetwood

According to Harvard Business Review there are 5 stages of business growth: Existence, Survival, Success, Takeoff, and Resource Maturity. The chart below illustrates the cycle of any business moving through these phases. Where are you on the chart? As Real Estate agents, we can determine where we are at on the growth chart in our career, and the larger we grow, the more support we will need or perhaps just “different” support. Stage III (Success) is the critical point where the agent becomes stable and profitable.

Stage I (Existence) This is the world of the newer agent or the agent who decides to go no further. There are few clients, little organization, systems are not efficient or non-existent. The agent does everything themselves. This is dangerous territory without growth because Stage I takes up tremendous energy and financial resources to keep going. Agents who choose to stay at this level may not be in the business more than one or...

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Monday News You Can Use 09.06.2021


Here's why the experts say we are not in a housing bubble.
Conversation for your first-time buyers and renters. Renters Fear they’ll never own
What Marie Condo is doing now - Nursery and Home Decor - some tips for all your clients. 


Tech Tip

Best Blue Tooth GPS Trackers

 The Best Bluetooth Trackers For Finding Your Lost Wallet, Keys, and Valuables. 
Stick a tracker on your TV remote or animal's collar
to always know where your stuff is!


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Lead a Day Club


After 4 years of running, the Lead a Day Club is being retired. However, these timeless lead tips and strategies can still be found on our Your Coaching Matters Blog and Facebook/LinkedIn pages. If you need a little encouragement or strategy scroll through the YCM Blog or Facebook page to find past Lead A Day Club postings.

If you are not a member of Your Coaching Matters and would like more information on Coaching and Courses, click HERE for more information.


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Your Coaching Matters is up to BIG THINGS with Bob Burg
October THROUGH December 2021! 
Watch for details on a Special Wednesday Skills call
on September 29th at 11amET/8 am Pacific

Click the Video below to get a little taste of a 
Great BOB's Endless Referrals tip with this video:

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How to Find Your Next Listing Lead

Are you low on listing inventory? Even if you’re sales may be cooling in your area, it’s still a sellers’ market. There are several ways for you to generate listing leads and some sellers are actually “advertising” for you to find them.

Your Neighborhood FSBO.

Contact the CLOSEST For Sale by Owners around your home or office. It will only take a few of them to find 3 that will allow you to come to meet them in person and see their house.

These people are LEADS by definition ... not listing appts. Not buyer sales. They have a house they want to sell. They do not have an Agent representing them... yet. (50-80% of them will hire an Agent before they sell. Probably one they've met in person) AND they publish their contact information. Voila. The perfect trifecta.

Don't worry about the objections or overcoming them. Don't argue with them. Just ask to see the home. Need help with that? Click the video below to watch Mike's free Webinar here.


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