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I asked him: “What’s the #1 best source of new business right now?”

Hey, it’s Donna Stott.
I was on the phone with my friend Andrey the other day. You may know him from his Annual Get Listings Summit or his Get Listings Academy.... and we were talking about how to get Listings. Which is all of our #1 issue right now, right? 
And I ask him: “What are you seeing is the #1 source of new listing business right now?  I mean...if I could wave a magic wand and have every Agent start doing ONE thing, what would it be to get the best results?”
He had an answer right away.
(A bit surprising)
Here is the bullet point version I scribbled down of his answer:
  • Put your COI, PC, and Lead Database into a spreadsheet
  • Upload that spreadsheet into Facebook as a “Custom Audience”
  • Record a short video every week that is helpful or informative to YOUR group
  • Promote the video to the Custom Audience for $1-5 a day
  • Rinse and repeat 
SO I said: “Come on Andrey... less than $5 a...
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