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Workshop #1

How to Choose a Niche

If you are not CRYSTAL CLEAR on your Niche and your Minimum Standards, as THE OWNER of your business, it’s absolutely required to make the most possible income with the least amount of stress.  

Workshop #2

Creating Your Life Intensions
and Standards of Integrity

Are you willing to find out what are truly your life intensions? It may change the way you are doing your business and setting your priorities.

Workshop #3

It’s YOUR Physical Vitality WORKSHOP!

Are you ready to PROFIT from your physical,
mental, and emotional vitality?

Workshop #4

Resulting in MORE LISTINGS,

Leaving YOU more ENERGIZED and your CLIENTS happier!

Workshop #5

Have some Monkey Mind around the subject of MONEY?

Never have enough? Spend on things you wish you hadn’t?
(This workshop is FREE) Can’t even TALK about money without fear and doubt and worry? This workshop is for YOU.  Experience a FLOW of money in your life with clarity, focus, ease and grace!


Workshop #6

Money Work Shop

From The Energy of Money, Mastering Life's Energies, Science of Getting Rich, Think and Grow Rich, Call and Grow Rich.



Click Here to Sign Up for Your Coaching Matters FREE Workshops!