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Lead A Day Club 05.04.2021

lad lead a day May 04, 2021

People that earn a lot of income 
EXPECT to earn it $$.



LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Spend 12 minutes writing down what you would put your extra income towards when you hit your goal this year.

Here's an example:

$29,412 mortgage company principle

$14,340 health insurer and co-pays

$58,500 Employees and Coaches

$14,740 utilities and phones, internet, security for home & office

$9,450 auto payments, gas, maintenance

$21,500 other business expenses including copier, rent, CPA, bookkeeper, etc.

$16,800 college savings for son and grandkids

$20,500 retirement savings

$19,000 vacations

$22,000 eating out, other entertainment for self and clients

$18,000 church

$5,000 other charity

$40,000 rental property investment

$25,000 MISC - new carpet, new landscaping, splurges!

When you SEE this clearly, you get clear on what to EXPECT from the work that you...

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How do you set an impossible goal? by Coach Lei Wang

Does my earlier post about Why You Need an Impossible Goal make you wonder a little bit?

At the very least, I hope you've considered setting an impossible goal by now!

You might be asking yourself, "How do I set an impossible goal? 

First and foremost, forget about "how"!

Don't worry about whether it's probable or how you'll get there.

Allow your imagination to run wild. Even if you "know" it's unlikely, keep dreaming about it!

My Everest dream began as a simple daydream. I never thought I'd be able to reach the summit of Mount Everest one day.

What was a childhood dream you never got the chance to pursue? If you think it's too late, don't worry.

What is something you have never done but secretly wish you could one day?

What is a business goal you have that you believe is unrealistically high?

What is a task or project that you feel is too hard and that you are convinced would fail?

You know, it's those challenges, the ones you'd rather avoid, the ones...

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Monday News You Can Use 05.03.2021


Somethings to know about Bidens proposals and real estate.  Don't worry RPAC is on it. 
Lumber adds $36,000 to the average new home 
Buying a condo? - Insurance can be expensive
Seller Financing dos and Don'ts


Tech Tip

We all need this for our Memories


Conversation advancer of the week: 


When you experience a client being frantic, panicked, or even fearful the two...
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Lead A Day Club 05.03.2021 - It's Like Magic!

lad lead a day May 03, 2021
 You must ASK in order
to expect an answer.
6-figure earners are constantly
and consistently asking.

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Ask a dozen people you know if they have enough of your business cards in their wallets. Ask if you are in their contacts so they can share your contact digitally with a friend.

You can both ask the question and mail the cards that they don't have in under 28 minutes. Or text them your full contact the way YOU want it to read.

If they have your cards in their wallet and your digital Contact on their phone... remind them that " just like magic, someone will show up in their lives very soon that needs that card or that contact info (or both)." Ask them to call or text you when it happens and you'll buy them a Starbucks. Make it a game.

Yep. And Just like magic. It will happen.


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Lead A Day Club 04.30.2021

lad lead a day Apr 30, 2021

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

Can you believe it's almost MAY?

Spend 28 minutes today looking, seeing, and telling the truth.

Answer the following:

How many Listings did I set a goal to take this year? How many have I taken?

Is it 1/3 of the whole? If not, do I plan to change my goal or UP MY GAME?

How many Sales (listings or buyers under contract or closed) did I plan to make this year?

How many am I at right now?

Is it 1/3 of the whole? If not, do I plan to change my goal or UP MY GAME?

Is it time to UP YOUR GAME?

If you have a Coach go over these numbers and create a plan to IMMEDIATELY UP YOUR GAME. There is no time to lose now!

If you do not have a Coach or your Coach can't help with a plan, contact us and ask to set an appointment for a 360Review. 

It may be time. NOW.

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Lead A Day Club 04.29.2021

lad lead a day Apr 29, 2021

Rest is a Good Thing.
In fact ... It's Required!

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

I had major surgery on April 16th, 2017, and tried to come back to work too fast. Even though I'd planned to take 6 days off, most of which I slept, my plan was * BOOM * to go back to full-time day 7.

It didn't work. No, my body said. You need rest. So... I listened, modified my week to 4 half days, and slept every afternoon for 2-4 solid hours. THIS worked. I recovered.

You don't have to have major surgery to rest.

We're already into the Second Quarter of 2021. Time is flying. AND... if you have not had a good long rest, spend 28 minutes today planning one. It could be a 3 day weekend away. It could be a 10-day vacation. My personal belief is you need to do at least 2 long breaks a year and 2-4 shorter ones... in order to perform at your optimum level.

If you HAVE taken a good break already this year, it's highly motivating to plan the NEXT one. 


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Coaching and Kale

conclusions mindset Apr 28, 2021

by Coach Donna Fleetwood


I NEVER ate Kale. That dark green vegetable brought up the memory of mushy, slimy cooked spinach I was supposed to eat as a child. Then one day my friend told me that kale salad was really good. I ordered one in a restaurant and found that the secret to a great kale salad is massaging the leaves to make it tender with the infusion of lemon juice and oil. I gave up my conclusion that I didn’t like kale and would never eat it. Now I love it.   

As coaches, we find some people we coach living limited lives because they are in a box of their own making called “conclusions”. These conclusions can negatively impact becoming a successful Real Estate agent, pursuing spiritual development, being a loving family member, seeking adventure, or becoming financially successful. The conclusion “I won’t eat kale” is a cousin to “I can’t call 10 people”.   

Maybe you came to coaching...

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Lead A Day Club 04.28.2021

lad lead a day Apr 28, 2021

"Success is doing what you said you would do, consistently,
with clarity, focus, ease, and grace."

~ Dr. Maria Nemeth

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

2021 only has 8 more months to make this your best year in real estate. But WHAT can you do differently to make this a banner year?

If you aren't working with a real estate coach, perhaps now is the time to start. 

Group Coaching Matters

Yes, you CAN transform your Real Estate Career to one full of Clarity, Focus, Ease, and Grace. 

Recorded training available 24/7 in YCMPedia, PLUS being with us LIVE up to 4 times a week. YES... COACHING with Mike Stott or Donna Stott each and every week for UNDER $100/month.... 

We know that many people have budget issues, which is why we offer a variety of options for coaching at different price points. We've coached hundreds of agents, at all income levels, and each of them has been offered unique advice from some of the best professional...

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Why do you need an impossible goal? by Coach Lei Wang

Why do you need an impossible goal?


If you want to have a totally different lifestyle, want to reach a scary new height in your business, you can’t simply do what you used to do and hope that will give you a dramatically different result.


You have to change how you think and try things you have never done before.


You have to create new routines and adopt new habits.


In short, you have to totally transform who you are in order to behave totally differently.


Only an impossible goal has that kind of power to trigger an identity shift!



When you're standing at the bottom of the mountain as that "old" you, a goal seems impossibly high. And since most people only know the "old" you, they are blind to the new opportunities.


To achieve that seemingly impossible goal, imagine yourself as someone who has already accomplished it and see yourself as someone who considers such a goal to be “normal.”


When you make...

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Lead A Day Club 04.27.2021

Uncategorized Apr 27, 2021

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

As we edge closer to the end of the First Month of the 2nd Quarter of 2021, make a list of your:

  1. Active Listings
  2. Listings that Sold and are pending or closed
  3. Listings that did NOT sell and expired or withdrew
  4. Buyers that are pending or closed
  5. Hot Leads you are working with now
  6. And if you have a list, Buyers who did NOT buy with you YET this year and Listing Appointments you did NOT get.

Next, write next to each Something you learned... or NEED to learn from each.

Might look like this:

2343 Bryant Lane - Learned how lucrative open houses can be! Need to Learn how to price right the first time, even in an area I don't know so well, so we don't need so many reductions.

1874 Jones Drive - Learned how fast a well-priced listing can sell. Need to Learn how to prepare a Seller for a fast sale so they don't freak out about it.

1492 Columbus Ave - Learned I need to be better prepared for listings. Need to Learn how to...

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