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Monday News You Can Use - 05.22.2023

coach donna stott coach mike stott monday news monday news you can use May 22, 2023

Interesting video on where interest rates are headed?
Oh those Canadians! This is wrong.


For those of you who like to-do lists and outline! 


Dynalist lets you nest things infinitely, so nothing is too big to fit into it. Just keep breaking it down.


 Conversation Advancer: 

When is the best time to buy/sell a house?

Whether on the buying or selling end, trying to “time the market” to make or save as much money as possible is common. 

When you inevitably get this question “The best time to buy or sell is always when you are ready.”

As a real estate agent, you can provide expert insights into the ebb and flow of the market, but giving a concrete answer isn’t possible. It’d be equivalent to telling a stock investor that “x” stock will rise and “z” stock will fall at a specific time.

You can reassure your client by explaining that, historically and currently, real estate remains a very sound investment. There are also tools they can use to make payments lower and capitalize on future lower interest rates should they come up. He adds, “Clients seldom, if ever, regret buying a house, but they always regret not buying a house when they should have,” he says.


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