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July 2023 Warm Fuzzy : Actual Intelligence versus Artificial Intelligence

coach mike stott warm fuzzies Jul 03, 2023

Your team at Northwest Atlanta Properties has been selling real estate since 1980. Donna, Mike, and Jon have a combined experience of over 90 years in the business.  We have overcome several “game-changing and threatening” technologies during this time.


Fax Machines



Multiple Listing Services

Mac Versus Windows


The Internet (The Lion Coming Over the Hill)

Large Firms wiping out Boutique Firms

The most recent game changer?  Artificial Intelligence.


Recently we had a repeat client come to us looking to trade up to a nicer home.  Artificial Intelligence sites like Zillow had their home value at $465,000. Homebot at $474,000.  Trulia had it worth $426,000.  We used our Actual Intelligence and feet-on-the-ground experience to value the home at $495,000. Put our marketing magic to work and received multiple offers within a week.  We will close at $495,000. Their sparkling new home will close later this year. Actual Intelligence = "A lot more money to our seller!"


We also provided counsel regarding how to manage this complicated move and support the sellers in making great decisions based on our professional advice.  We love our jobs.


So if you need to get top dollar and as smooth a process as possible we suggest you contact a local expert (we know great smart agents everywhere in North America) or contact us so we can give you the best possible information, options you may not have thought of, and proven systems that get you results you want! We know beyond doubt our personal touch, our relationship with our clients, and our Actual Intelligence add up to real dollars in your pockets!