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Monday News You Can Use - 05.08.2023

coach donna stott coach mike stott monday news monday news you can use May 08, 2023

Firms losing money:  Open Door lost $101 Million or $29,000 per home sold in the first quester of 2023. Redfin lost $60.8 million.  Rocket Mortgage Lost $411 million.  Congrats to those of us to staying in business :)
Interest rates dropped 4 to 6 weeks ago - Prices rise for first time in 8 months - But its regional San Fran was down 10% Miami up 10.8% 
Interest rates go up - pending homes sales fall 5.2% 
People are moving to the South, Texas in big numbers


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 Conversation Advancer: 

I will get preapproved after I see what’s available. I know what I can afford. 

I wish it worked like that. With the low inventory sellers and their listing agents demand that the buyers seeing their properties on appointment/agent-brought showings are vetted and verified by the agent bringing them. So its to your benefit to be preapproved by a mortgage lender, discuss various loan options and programs, and crunch numbers to ascertain what price range and payments are most comfortable.

There can also be financial “gotchas” looming that only are revealed when a buyer is trying to get approved for financing or the buyer does something like making a major purchase while under contract, which can jeopardize their ability to qualify. There may be a credit card balance that has to be paid down or paid off, and the buyer is surprised to find that out.

Getting the right home under contract takes some financial planning along with the use of a mortgage professional, so it is helping you not to get frustrated and waste time by getting preapproved. 


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