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Monday News You Can Use - 06.26.2023

coach donna stott coach mike stott monday news monday news you can use Jun 26, 2023

Prices drop most since 2011
Inventory in May 23023 - the lowest ever


Vanity Phone Numbers

Keep personal and business calls separate.

Grasshopper adds a business number
and virtual phone system to your personal phone.



Real Estate Conversation Advancer of the Week: 


They Say: "I want to look at houses but I don’t want to commit to a specific agent."

What you could say: “I get it completely - this is a very important decision. Might I ask - What’s your concern with making a commitment to a specific agent?

They Say I don’t know you.

“I can understand that you might be uncomfortable making a commitment to someone you don’t know. Why don’t we make the representation agreement for a short time frame so you have the opportunity to see how we work together?


“Let’s just make the representation agreements specific only to the properties that I show you and give you time to feel comfortable with being represented by me. Will that work?”  


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