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Monday News You Can Use - 06.19.2023

coach donna stott coach mike stott monday news monday news you can use Jun 19, 2023

Compelling Argument - Fed Destroying Demand 
Prices Rising 
Buyers turning to new home construction


If scheduling is a problem

Automatically book meetings from your website, host a webinar or class, or schedule calls with clients— while controlling your availability and saving everyone time.



Real Estate Conversation Advancer of the Week: 

Will you cut your commission?

Thats a good question. And before I could make that big of a decision I would have to ask you a few thought provoking questions, listen intently to your answers and only after I clearly know what is important about selling to YOU, could I then better suggest how you can compensate me for my consulting, preparation, negotiation and organization to the details. What is the most important thing about this sale to you? tell me more about that.



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