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August 2023 Warm Fuzzy: Ch Ch Ch Changes!!!

coach mike stott warm fuzzies Aug 07, 2023

Donna and I have relied heavily upon the quote by Maya Angelou the past few months:


“If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.”




Because our super cool empty nester and loving it life has taken a few turns lately. In March Mike was hit by a truck (actually something in a truck bed as it passed him) and wrecked on his bicycle; he is still experiencing pain from a torn rotator cuff.  In April our grandson Derek moved in with us.  In May his father moved in.  Last Week our youngest son moved in.   Mike started as treasurer for our church in March. Donna’s father entered hospice after a fall and a broken hip. He is still falling frequently, including last night.  Mike was diagnosed with a 5th Melanoma, had major surgery with 70 staples in his head, and has completed 2 of 17 Keytruda treatments. Mike is preparing to be President of the Cherokee Association of Realtors in 2024 and is President-Elect this year.  Just an average few months in which it seems like our predictable, wonderful empty nester life turned completely inside out and upside down.


And during this time we were grateful to have supported over 26 families buy sell or rent real estate. Helping others is our joy in the midst of things.  


Turns out Mike’s “I’m the luckiest guy alive” attitude, has helped us thrive in times that may seem devastating.  Cancer – no biggie it didn’t metastasize and Keytruda may stop it from happening again and the prognosis of a 100% normal lifespan. Grandson moving in, pshaw, he’s a delightful 9-year-old that brings joy into almost every room he enters.  Father in law in hospice, unbelievably he’s better now than 4 months ago. Our two sons needed a place, we had room and they’ll be back on their own in 6 weeks, we see it’s an opportunity to support and love them as adults.

In reality, in which things constantly change, our attitude turns out to be the only thing we can control.  We choose to have a great one!


In short, we are grateful every day.  If we don’t like something we have learned that we are solely responsible for our actions regarding that situation. We’ve had to change our attitudes about 7,312 times in the past few months and we are better for it.


Wishing you grace in the chaos this month.


Mike and Donna Stott