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Monday News You Can Use - 07.31.2023

coach donna stott coach mike stott monday news monday news you can use! Jul 31, 2023

OK, everyone; I've been doing "Monday News You Can Use" now for over 14 years and haven't heard anything from you all recently. If I don't hear from at least 25 of you (out of 1300+) I may discontinue this service. I spend about 3 hours a week on this so … Let me know.

Fed Chair Powells Comments on Supply

Be Careful! These cameras are mostly undetectable! 
Prices are up for 4th straight month! 


Need to access your desktop remotely?

Cheap and trusted! 


Conversation Advancer of the Week: 

I’ve never heard of your company. 

I was hoping you’d bring that up because I first have to tell you that when you chose me to sell your home, it was a very important choice because you already know a company doesn’t sell a house; I do.

Experience shows that because of my proven ability to consult, stage, market, negotiate, and oversee the transaction details, I will net you the most money at the right time with the fewest problems.

I suggest we get to work now on making your (objective/motivation) come true. 


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How does that make you feel? 

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