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Monday News You Can Use - 07.10.2023

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Contrary to Headlines Foreclosures are not coming - filings are up, and they may be good targets for prospecting, but the actual numbers were 4,020 repossessed homes in May and we will have 4.5 to 5 million sales this year!

This scares me - squatter's rights.  Do any of you have experience with this?

I wish we had multi-families to buy - the New FHA policy spurs more housing.

Mortgage rates jump! 



If you need branded stuff.


Real Estate Conversation Advancer of the Week: 


I Have A Friend/Agent Who Can Do The Same Thing
For A Lower Commission.”


First, ask for the agent’s name, so you can compare their experience and performance level to yours. Remind the client that there are plenty of agents out there who will reduce their fees just to earn business.

When dealing with sellers, assure the client that they are actually getting a good deal based on the high value you bring to the table, with professional photos and a more extensive real estate marketing plan that will pay off tenfold at the closing table. "If they are willing to negotiate away their commission what will they negotiate away when an offer comes in?"

If you are working with a buyer, reiterate your dedication to helping them find a home they love with the best possible terms and financing. Agents who offer services for a lower commission may be spread more thin or become unmotivated to help the client the longer the journey takes. “What will you do if the agent is unable to coordinate all the details?"

Above all else, stay firm in your commission rate and confident in the value you offer.


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