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Lead A Day Club 06.17.2021

lad lead a day your coaching matters Jun 17, 2021

INTERPRETING information is what our clients want in today's world. Information they can get online any hour of the day or night. Your OPINION about that information is what is unique.

Your OPINION is the valuable thing to bring your Database today.

Pick a stat, any stat, about your market.

Create an opinion about that stat. Will it go up/down? Why?

Spend 28 minutes creating a SHORT letter or email about that and arrange to get to your database. AND/OR post on your social media page.

How does this generate a lead? Here's the secret:

ASK your database to reply as to whether they agree with your opinion or disagree... and if they disagree, ask why.

Be open to others' opinions and willing to discuss and bring more data to the conversation.

THIS creates conversation, which creates leads!