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Lead A Day Club 06.16.2021

lad lead a day your coaching matters Jun 16, 2021

Helping Your Database causes trust for repeat business... and referrals.

Keep it simple.

Yesterday we talked about helping your database by having a mortgage insurance discussion that could save them thousands of dollars.

Today you will, in 28 minutes, identify as many people in your Database that have owned a home for over 5 years... and discuss with them what their next move will look like.

The Conversation Starter goes like this:

Hi Joe, it's Donna at XYZ real estate.

I just ran across your file and noticed something interesting... do you know you guys have lived in your home now for X years? Yep, the purchase date was XX/XX/XXXX. That's right!

Since most people think about moving between year 5 and 10, I was wondering... if you guys WERE to move at some point in that timespan, would you be making an move to a bigger or smaller place next time?

Then, take the conversation from there. My bet? You get a lead from this in 28 minutes or less... and you EDUCATED your Database about how long they've been in their home.