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Lead a Day Club 06.30.2021

lad lead a day Jun 30, 2021

LAD 28 Minute ACTION

For the next 30 days, you pick up the phone.

Every day.

Until you reach a set number of people.

You decide that number.
Could be 2.
Could be 10.
Could be 20.

You pick the number. What’s your favorite number?

If you put your mind to it and make a commitment you can do it. Starting today through the rest of this month what time will you pick up the phone and call. How many people will you promise to talk to before you quit each and every day, as a minimum?

Here’s a tip: Underpromise this. And overdeliver. If you promise 2 and do 3, you have EXCEEDED what you promised. Bask in that glory. We tend to be excited about doing things again and again when we are successful at it. Set yourself up for success.

4 Steps to Success

1. Make a small sweet promise. Key SMALL.

2. Get the support of someone (tell SOMEONE else about your promise)

3. Focus on the result, not the action. "I will talk to 4 people today" vs "I will call for 1 hour”. Calling is the action. Talking to people is the result.

4. Celebrate your accomplishment. Do a happy dance or eat 10 M&M’s. Have some celebration when you win! Some people ring a bell when they talk to someone or set an appointment. This is an example of celebrating success.

If you follow this 4 step process you can succeed at anything. How about today we succeed with making contacts to those people ALREADY in our system.