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Monday News You Can Use - 03.21.2022

coach mike stott monday news monday news you can use! your coaching matters Mar 21, 2022

Affordability is putting buyers in a double whammy! 
Remains to be seen - feds poised to raise the rate 6 times this year - will that lessen demand?
CEO of ColdwellBanker on the hot market - rising rates “We hope that keeps other buyers from making offers.”
Why higher rates of inflation cause interest in Housing. 

Tech Happy Gadget

You’ll love this piece of Tech when you get it!
Nest Hub Max with the Google Assistant helps your busy family stay in touch and on track. Leave video messages and make video calls. Check in on home when you’re away with the built-in Nest Cam. Share reminders and to-dos and so much more!

Conversation advancer of the week: 

“I Have a Friend in the Business"

Great. What I’m hearing is that working with someone who you know and trust is important to you?  Is that correct?  I’m glad that we’re talking since my clients feel the same way about me, too!

Have you ever actually used your friend before in a transaction? 

The real question you should be asking: Is can your friend really give you professional advice, sell your home, preserve your friendship, and net you as much money as I will?  (Close!)

I’m sure that you’re friend is a competent agent and yet luckily you’re talking to me about selling your home.  I know that many agents have less information than they really should.  And since friendship is so important, doesn’t it make sense for you to get a qualified 2nd opinion so that you know you’re netting the absolute top dollar from the sale of your home? 


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