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Monday News You Can Use - 04.04.2022

coach donna stott coach mike stott monday news monday news you can use your coaching matters Apr 04, 2022

Rates RisingPast 4.5%  Make sure your buyers comparison shop - lenders aren’t doing near as many refis - so they have capacity and some flexibility!  And remember the rise from 3% to 4.5% costs a buyer only about $76 a month in additional interest - small potatoes when factoring in appreciation.
For your buyers just graduating or clients with college age children10 tips to finding an apartment  after college #9 is often forgotten.
January to January Home prices rose over 18%   on a $300,000 home that’s $4,500 a month last 12 months - our over double the payment on that home. 

Tech Happy Gadget

I send myself emails all the time while driving around ("hey Siri!"). makes this easier and quicker!

Set your email address only once, and you're ready to send very fast notes to yourself.

QckMail - Quick Reminders
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Conversation advancer of the week: 

Create moments of Elevation in your life by asking questions.

These questions can lead to relationships that rise above the routine. They make us feel engaged, joyful, amazed, motivated. Involve your Senses, raise the Stakes, change the Script. You can also Listen to good music, read something terrific, get involved in group calling; all these will involve your senses. Raise the stakes by making a bet with someone with something non-trivial involved. Change up the routine by turning your schedule on its head by calling in the evening, knocking or doors, or in a group! 

Do it a bit differently, ask an extra question and Elevate.


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