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It’s Time for a Mid-Year Review… Do you know WHY it’s time? There’s a good reason….

coach donna stott mid-year review new goals private coaching your coaching matters Jun 22, 2022

Do you feel like you get a “Fresh Start” each week or each month or each year? 

It’s not fake… it’s because you DO.

In psychology they call this a “temporal landmark” and they are important to get that “High” that comes from new beginnings.

Researchers show that people who choose a specific date to start a goal with a specific end date are far more likely to reach it.

A strengthened motivation to START  reaching for the goal is boosted by a letting go of the past “imperfect self.” There is a NEW YOU each time you do this.

Private Coaching Clients with YCM get the opportunity each month to set a NEW GOAL to shoot for. 

It’s a Very Simple goal… How many Listings Taken you are going for. How many Listings Sold. And How many Buyer Sales. 

Our clients get a postcard in the mail that looks like this one:

If YOU are ready for this kind of motivation and accountability, reach out to Donna Stott at

She has 2 openings in her schedule right now and perhaps YOU are the right person to fill it! Coach Mike also has 1 opening so there are 3 total openings combined.