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Is it Time to Review Your Life Intentions and Standards of Integrity?

coach donna stott life intentions standards of integrity your coaching matters May 26, 2022

Life Intentions and Standards of Integrity can change over time with what is going on in your life and what is important to you in the moment. What you thought were your life intentions last year (or even at the first of the year) may not be the same right now.

Why not take a little time to revisit your Life Intentions and SOI with the guidance of Donna's workshop this Friday at 2:00 pm EST? We're almost at mid-year - take some "me" time and finish your year focused and clear on what you really want to finish 2022.

This workshop is FREE for YOU as our client, but please FORWARD this email to anyone you want to invite.

Just to note,we are doing a number of workshops this year that are FREE to Members of YCM (normal Zoom link) and just $49 for anyone else. Copy the Url link to invite your offices and friends in real estate.

See you Friday afternoon!!