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Monday News You Can Use - 10.31.2022

coach donna stott coach mike stott monday news monday news you can use your coaching matters your coaching matters workshops Oct 31, 2022

Zillow laying off 5% of its workforce! What are you doing to make sure you have no money leaks?

Housing shortage worsens - New York and New Jersey had 497 new jobs and only 13229 new single family permits issued. It will be years if not decades to rectify. 

No silver lining - New home sales down 18% year over year 7.16% interest rates - tanks refinances and demand! All cash buyers - are they worried about catching a falling knife - interesting term

Freddie Mac's New Rules to help home buyers - Freddie Mac wants to “level the playing field” for home buyers

The Great Stagnation 


 Tech Tip


 Customer communication in our industry has become awash with drip campaigns filled with automated property updates, impersonal emails, and scripted texts. To stand out from your competition, personal connection and authentic communication have never been more needed. This is the gap that BombBomb fills.

BombBomb’s software allows you to record a video message from your computer or phone making it simple to add a human touch to your emails or texts. Plain text emails can be misunderstood or come off as cold, but video emails allow the client to see and feel your excitement, energy, and passion for the home they are considering buying or selling.

You have the option to record a straight video of you speaking to them via the camera or to share your screen. These are a few examples of ways BombBomb videos can help you stand out above your competition:

  • Video introduction to a new lead
  • Screen share to discuss a contract or listing agreement
  • Screen share aerial maps to show how close schools, work, or desirable amenities are from a home
  • Video unsolicited CMAs
  • Video updates to listing or buyer clients

If you’re looking for the best way possible to connect or reconnect with real estate clients/prospects, BombBomb is the tool for you.


  Conversation Advancer of the Week:

“If we could just pick this house up and put it down there”

Me too! That is one of the challenging aspects of buying a home in this market— You already know the 3 things that determine a home's value: Home, Price, and Location. Usually, when I chat with buyers like yourself about this, I ask them if there are 2 of the 3 things that are really important. What are the 2 non-negotiable items?


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