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Monday News You Can Use - 12.05.2022

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Market may have room to fall more 
Interest rates have dropped down to low 6’s in our market - but prices aren’t dropping!



Why not do this for your clients ?

They claim 75% open rate Homebot

Homebot is on a mission to empower consumers to build wealth through homeownership by facilitating meaningful engagement with their loan officer and real estate agent.

Welcome to Homebot


 Conversation Advancer of the Week:

“I Have a Friend in the Business"

Great. What I’m hearing is that working with people who you know and trust is important to you?  Is that correct?  I’m glad that we’re talking since my clients feel the same way about me, too!

 Have you ever actually used your friend before in a transaction? 


The real question you should be asking: Is can your friend really give you professional advice, sell your home, still preserve your friendship, and net you as much money as I will?  (Close!)

I’m sure that you’re friend is a competent agent and yet luckily you’re talking to me about selling your home.  I know that many agents have less information than they really should.  And since friendship is so important, doesn’t it make sense for you to get a qualified 2nd opinion so that you know you’re netting the absolute top dollar from the sale of your home? 

You wouldn’t want to discover that you left money on the table because your friend mishandled the sale, would you? (Close)


What specifically makes you think that your friend won’t let you down and it may wind up costing you lots of money and you won’t be angry with yourself for not working with me in the first place? (Close)

The more that you think about a friend handling the sale for you, the harder you may find it to be really open and honest when the transaction gets tough that’s why people hire me to handle the sale for them!  (Close!)

Great, almost everyone does. (Go on with the presentation)

Almost everyone wants a second opinion so I suggest we get together. Would Monday to Tuesday at 4:00 work better for you?

That’s great!  And what I’m hearing is that working with people who you know and trust is important to you?  Is that correct?  Good, now here’s the good news my clients feel the same way about me, too.  And the advantage to you when you set an appointment with me is that I will give you a second opinion.

Fabulous!  And the real question is, can your friend really market your home and protect your interests and still preserve your friendship?

You see, many times delicate items come up during the sale or negotiations of any normal real estate transaction and at that time you really need to have a well-trained and experienced agent working at an arms-length distance so that you can (refer to their motivation)

How would you feel if your friend didn’t come through and not only did it put a strain on your friendship with you, perhaps it cost you an opportunity to sell or buy, too?

That’s great!  And since it is important that you have a high degree of trust in the person who is going to handle the sale for you It just makes sense that we set an appointment.  And you can trust me to get you a fair and accurate 2nd opinion.


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