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Monday News You Can Use - 03.04.2024

coach donna stott coach mike stott monday news monday news you can use your coaching matters Mar 04, 2024


Something to know, and I expect more of these articles- “How to Negotiate Real Estate Agent Commissions  Be prepared

Why regional banks have too much exposure! 

Surprise :) Fewer houses selling with higher interest rates 

Florida Condo prices falling due to higher insurance and HOA Fees - Insurance up 40% 



Conversation Advancer

Hope would you use these in the Commission Reduction Conversation?: 

"Softening Phrases"

AND not but

So that I can help you better ...

So that you can get exactly the outcome you’re looking for ...

So that we will make the most of our time together ...

Since your time is valuable ...

Since your home purchase/sale is extremely important ...

Since marketing your home has to be done correctly ...

In order for your home to sell this time ...

That’s exactly why we need to meet ...

That’s exactly why I’m calling you today ...

I’m not looking for a promise ... just an appointment.

So that you can get what you want ...

So that all of your questions are answered ...

I agree … I can appreciate that … You’re right … I understand … That’s great … That’s a valid concern … Let’s look at this … I was wondering …Thanks for bringing that up … What’s important about …? My goal is the same as yours … You’ll feel great once the decision is made … Would it make it easier if I …?





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