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Monday News You Can Use - 12.05.2022 Dec 05, 2022

Market may have room to fall more 
Interest rates have dropped down to low 6’s in our market - but prices aren’t dropping!



Why not do...

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Monday News You Can Use - 11.28.2022 Nov 28, 2022

I know of someone here in Atlanta building luxury car garage parks - look at this 
New home sales up!



Better texting on your...

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Monday News You Can Use - 11.21.2022 Nov 21, 2022

Homes sales down 28% Year over year
This is not 2008 there’s still limited supply - homes starts down 21% 
Should I buy new or used?



For properties that smell (If Buyers can smell it, we...

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Mike Stott has been recognized as one of the Top Real Estate Coaches by Coach Foundation Nov 18, 2022

Less than 1 out of 25 of the coaches The Coach Foundation considers get shortlisted and Mike is proud to announce he is part of the elite few who did.

Top Real Estate Coaches by Coach Foundation

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Monday News You Can Use - 11.07.2022 Nov 07, 2022

Really good video on what’s going on mortgage wise - takes some time but worth it (Click here for the Slides from the Video)
Did anyone tell you the market is shifting?  :) Higher rates lead to stagnation. 
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Monday News You Can Use - 10.31.2022 Oct 31, 2022

Zillow laying off 5% of its workforce! What are you doing to make sure you have no money leaks?

Housing shortage worsens - New York and New Jersey had 497 new jobs and only 13229 new single family permits issued. It will be years if not decades to rectify. 

No silver lining...

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Monday News You Can Use - 10.24.2022 Oct 24, 2022

We will see a continued decline in the number of  sales.
Numbers are at a 10 year low
Mortgage rates above 7%

 Tech Tips

Ipad or 2 or One?



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Monday News You Can Use - 10.17.2022 Oct 17, 2022

Not much news other than Mortgage rates and # of sales declining - 
Refinance Loans have dropped 86% - Buyers overall down 39%  people want riskier loans (ARMS etc) 
Sky High Rates make buying Harder
Rental scams increasing ...
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October Warm Fuzzy: The Wood Wide Web Oct 10, 2022
The Wood Wide Web


Donna and I just celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary in Canmore And Vancouver Island in Canada. As we took a boat cruise on Lake Minnewanka we saw a grove of trees and were told the whole grove covering acres and what looked like 1000 trees was actually...

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Monday News You Can Use - 10.10.2022 Oct 10, 2022

Tenants not making rent payments - article states rent are up over 12%
Mortgage rates doubled since 10/1/21
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