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Monday News You Can Use - 02.26.2024 Feb 26, 2024

More Sales this year
I could have headlined this Homeowners leaving San Fran and LA at 20% above pre-pandemic levels Look what Redfin Wrote 
Prices are rising



Conversation Advancer

Say This Instead of That:

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Monday News You Can Use - 02.19.2024 Feb 19, 2024


We can do better - homes in Black neighborhoods sell for $46,000 less 

Mortgage rates bumped up!

Buyers timing the market may not want to wait

Forbes article on Buying a home and market stats - expect 3% increase in prices


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Monday News You Can Use - 02.12.2024 Feb 12, 2024



How sellers are acting VERY differently

Source: Zillow

There was a big shift at the end of last year in how mortgages affect whether or not a homeowner wants to sell, ...

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Monday News You Can Use - 01.29.2024 Jan 29, 2024


This would be good! Converting malls to housing. 
Lower rates = More Sales 


Conversation Advancer:


They say, "We want to think about it.

You say, "Just out...

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Monday News You Can Use - 01.22.2024 Jan 22, 2024


Rent Versus Buy?? - places where each makes sense
Most young adults sticking close to home
Some good charts here -  


And a reminder: 

Conversation Advancer:


If the conversation is...

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Monday News You Can Use - 01.15.2024 Jan 15, 2024


31% of Gen Z live at home!

89% of people who own a home have a rate below 6% - does that lock them in?

For your clients - Terms to Know! 

Markets with high growth! 


Conversation Advancer of the Week:
Pro or Amateur? 

As we work together to...

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Monday News You Can Use - 01.08.2024 Jan 08, 2024


British banker says its not that hard to buy a house -backlash ensues 

Mortgage rates will tick down - maybe low sixes

Interesting Stats - Cheaper to buy today by $372 q month than in October 

Some market predictions - Don’t wait to buy a home...

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Monday News You Can Use - 12.18.2023 Dec 18, 2023



Housing thaw?
Affordability is becoming better!
Top Ten Real Estate Markets #1
Top Ten Real Estate Markets #2 (I like this one better :)


Conversation Advancer of the Week:

I want to wait. The Rates will...
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Monday News You Can Use - 12.11.2023 Dec 11, 2023


Unexpected pitfalls to older homes - they may be unhealthy

Interest rates will settle at 6.5% - why shouldn’t you wait?  Buying a home today at $500,000 with 20% down and borrowing $375,000 at 7.25% has a P&I payment of $2558. If the market improves by 3% but rates...

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December 2023 Warm Fuzzy Dec 11, 2023


I attended an interesting seminar a few holiday seasons ago and when thinking about what to write for this year I remembered it.

No matter what our circumstances, and no matter what hand we are dealt, the search for true contentment and happiness is at the heart of...

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