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Monday News You Can Use - 02.12.2024

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How sellers are acting VERY differently

Source: Zillow

There was a big shift at the end of last year in how mortgages affect whether or not a homeowner wants to sell, according to Zillow.  

In June 2023, homeowners with mortgages of 5% or higher were almost TWICE as likely to sell compared to those who had mortgages below 5%. 

However, by December 2023, there was almost no difference between the two groups. 22% of homeowners with rates below 5% were willing to sell, and 23% of homeowners with rates above 5% were willing to sell. 

Our take

This is a huge finding by Zillow. We now have hard data which shows that more than 20% of homeowners are willing to sell. While that’s nowhere near a majority, it’s still great news for us agents. It shows that the opportunity is out there, and it will likely grow. We can expect the number of sellers to go up as mortgage rates come back down. This is very good motivation for all of us to keep pushing ahead!


Conversation Advancer of the Week:
Future Pacing

IN NLP, Future Pacing is an effective way to help people make those decisions that most benefit them by using the future and time as a motivating factor. 

Future Pacing is used to:

1. Gain commitment or agreement.

2. Bring up the possibility of them not following through on an agreement.

3. Re-program the client for a different outcome.

4. If they do think about not following through, will what cause them to keep the agreement with you in spite of these thoughts?

5. Reinforce the commitment or agreement.

Remember that when you bring up an objection first, it loses all of its power! When you bring up an objection first, then you control the direction the objection will take. So, do you want to meet it ‘head on’ or have it control you and your income?

Examples: Good job on deciding to list your home for $229,000 … it’s a great start to list your home at that price and the first step in getting your moved to XXX, isn’t it? If 30 days from now we’ve had no good offers on your house … we will need to review any changes in the market and reevaluate your price. I feel very confident about the price you have chosen but you never know how this market causes buyers to react. So Mr. Buyer, I’d like to you carry a few of my cards. That way if you stop by an open house or a new home development you can hand the card to the representative and tell them you’re working with me. They’ll appreciate knowing that up front and will not pester you.

Prospecting: Thank you for setting the appointment to see me on Saturday at 4:00. You’ll find our meeting very helpful for you. Now, since we’re not meeting until Saturday, sometimes other agents may be calling and bothering you and even pestering you to set an appointment. And since the average agent sells only a few homes each year, if you make the mistake of setting an appointment with them, then you have a really good chance of meeting with an inexperienced agent who cannot really handle the more difficult parts of the marketing and negotiating process. You are already aware of the importance of working with an agent who will get you the highest fair-market value possible, right? Could it also be that, the more that you think about how important it is to ... select the right agent ... you realize that your equity is at risk simply by making the wrong decision? You can comfortably tell those other agents that you’ve chosen me to interview and offer to call them back after our meeting on Saturday. So I look forward to moving you forward when we meet at 4:00 PM!


Do buyers ever second-guess themselves after they make an offer? Instead of having your efforts derailed by the susceptibility of your clients to the advice of amateurs, here is a sample for reassuring a buyer that they are making a good purchase decision. You won’t ever ‘memorize’ the entire dialog – rather, you’ll feel comfortable as you begin to use the process with your prospects & clients!

Give Them Massive Approval

1) Congratulations on making a really good offer on what will soon be your new home! You’ll find that home ownership is wonderful and will really make you ... feel comfortable ... as the years go by and you continue to build equity ... and live in this wonderful property. 

You Bring up the Objection First!

2) Now, when you speak with your parents or friends or advisor about your new home, and they start in with you about how you’re paying too much for the residence, what will immediately remind you that you’re determined to ... buy this house ... and that it is a great value at the price you’re going to pay? [Great neighborhood] Right ... XX is a great neighborhood! And in buying a home in this area, you’ll find that your new home will most likely appreciate in value over the long haul ... and that the money that you’re putting in the home instead of rent will probably be one of your greatest investments ... except that you get to live in this one! 

Massive Approval

3) Over time you’ll find that this is a very secure and safe thing to do. And when you go to sell the home in a few years … so that you can move into an even better home … you’ll find that the appreciation will act as a lever in getting you into your next home. You just can’t go wrong and I’m very excited for you!

Future pace their response & reprogram the outcome with additional reasons!

4) So if you’re parents / friends / advisors felt that this was not a good step for you and they recommended that you back out of your new home purchase, what will immediately remind you of all of the reasons that you’ve made the best decision for you to buy this house? [Appreciation and safety] Right and the more that the prices increase in the area, the more that you’ll always have the security of building up a great deal of equity in your home ... what a great investment it is. And not only is the investment itself a smart and safe investment, but that the area itself is one of the safest and best places to live in the entire country. You and your growing family will be physically safe and secure, too. So, you’re so right that this is a very safe and secure investment for you and your family. In fact, it’s a big step towards your adding to your net worth ... congratulations! 

Test and reinforce their decision

5) And is there anything else that you would need to say to convince your parents that you made a great decision? [Maybe that we should have bought in XX, instead]. As you already know, the XX area doesn’t offer the same type of appreciation or safety for your family that this home and area offers, right? And, what is even more interesting is the cost difference between the two properties is very, very small. And when you look back on this decision in five years, you may have made tens of thousands of dollars more for living in a much better area.

More approval!

6) Is there anything else that you would need to say to convince your parents that you made a great decision? [No] Great! Congratulations on your new home! 



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