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coach donna stott coach mike stott energy of profit life energies your coaching matters Jan 31, 2022

As we mentioned in our earlier post, Monday Member Mindsets and Tuesday's Coach is IN calls every week starting at 11:00 EST will focus on "Profiting" this year. But that's not all!

We will be offering Courses or Workshops that will go with each ENERGY! You may not need ALL of them (although you may), but for Your Coaching Matter Members and Group Members, we will offer a discount for those who want to pay for the Group of Eleven Courses and workshops for the rest of the year! Many will be brand new courses never offered before! 

If you do sign up for all 11 Workshops and courses (5 workshops and 6 courses), you may "gift" them to a team member, friend, or co-worker if you are unable to attend. However, these will be so good; you'll want to attend them all yourself!

Here are the courses and workshops you can look forward to for each ENERGY:

  • In February, we'll launch an Update of Our Mastering Time Management Course – The Do it Move it or Delete It Method™ 

We haven't done it in 2 years, so it's TIME. If you took it before, it's only $49 to take again. For Members and Anyone you refer to us, it's $297 (Retail $697) This program is so unique it has a TRADEMARK. 

  • In March, we Launch our Brand New 150toLife Course about PROFITING from RELATIONSHIPS in ways you've never done before - FREE to all MEMBERS and only $49 for anyone you refer to us. (Retail $99)

And in April, we are COMPLETELY REWORKING the Buyers Course… because the ENERGY OF RELATIONSHIP with Buyers is so CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to your success in 2022. This includes A Buyer's Presentation that ends in getting Buyer Brokerage Contracts signed EASILY. Still Pricing for Members… Retakes $99 - Retail will be $697.

  • May – Workshop on Life Intentions and Standards of Integrity to UNLEASH your ENERGY OF CREATIVITY.
  • June - NEW COURSE: Listing Presentations that SELL THEMSELVES using the ENERGY of CREATIVITY 
  • July – Workshop: Creating a PHYSICAL VITALITY Challenge PROFIT from YOUR Physical Vitality in exactly the RIGHT WAY FOR YOU. Includes THE PLAYING FIELD
  • August – NEW COURSE: ENTHUSIASM in Objection Handling using the ENERGY of Physical Vitality to easily handle MOST objections! Includes the Art of Acknowledgement and the Green Lens Tool
  • September – Workshop: Dancing with the Monkey so your MONEY ENERGY pipeline FLOWS smoothly.
  • September – NEW COURSE: Profiting from Building and Running a TEAM - the right way to Earn $2.7M and KEEP more than half of it in Profit. (the difference in a mini-brokerage vs a Team)
  • October – Workshop: The ENERGY OF MONEY using materials from The Science of Getting Rich, Think and Grow Rich, and our very own CALL and Grow Rich Course running LIVE again in 2023!
  • November – Our Course on Mastering Life's Energies so you can ENJOY your life and work more! A Deep Dive into the Playing Field and keeping it CLEAR, so Profit comes with EASE.
  • December – Workshop: ENJOYING Life and WORK while creating GOALS for next year AND looking at when it may be time to SELL your Business.

If you want to sign up for all 11 courses/workshops and Monday Member Mindsets, Tuesday's Coach is IN, and upcoming courses and workshops, you need to be a Member first.

Click HERE and become a member today – it's easy!