Group Coaching Matters

Yes, you CAN transform your Real Estate Career to one full of Clarity, Focus, Ease, and Grace. 
Recorded training available 24/7 in YCMPedia, PLUS join the LIVE Group Call every Monday.
Our typical Group Coaching client is just building a career or has one up and running well and just wants to be inspired and reminded of all they done.
If you are looking for a Career Filled with Success and PROFIT, join us to discover YOUR strengths and capitalize on those with ACE tools & YCM systems.
Discover and learn to say out loud what it IS you want to do with this one precious life you have! And then taking the Actions to bring it from Visionary Reality into your every day Physical Reality! Sound good? It IS. 
PLUS... it's month to month. NO RISK.
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Why Group Coaching?

Agents NEED

  • Strong Systems

  • Everyday Tools

  • Conversation Advancers

  • Skill Improvers

  • Coaching Support

Pricing Options

We know that many people have budget issues, which is why we offer a variety of options for coaching at different price points. We've coached hundreds of agents, at all income levels, and each of them has been offered unique advice from some of the best professional Real Estate Coaches in the world. Are you ready to take your career to the next step?

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YCM Group Coaching



Our Group Coaching Matters Program is $89 per month or $890 per year (That's 2 months FREE!)

This is the most popular option we offer, and includes all the videos and documents that have been collected and added to YCMPedia database over the past 15 years. If you're wondering where to start, start here.

  • Monday Group Zoom Call
  • Tuesday "Coach is In"
  • Access to patented Numbers Tracker software
  • Discounts on Coaching Calls, Courses, and Live Events
  • Full Access to "YCMPedia" 
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YCM Private Coaching



Private Coaching is the best option for agents who want direct, personal contact with our Coaches and who are seeking a personalized plan.

  • 2x a month or 3x a month
  • Clarifying Intentions and Goals
  • Designing focused authentic actions to fulfill your goals
  • Supporting you through all the inevitable obstacles 
  • Maximum discounts (Up to Free!) on courses, and live events
  • Private clients who qualify may be invited to BOB (Best of the Best at YCM) group for masterminding and private events
  • Access to all items included in "YCM Group Coaching"
  • Full Access to "YCMPedia" 
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If Group is Not Enough Apply for Private Coaching Here!

Membership provides all of this at an extremely affordable investment.

$89 monthly. And... YES - it is Month to Month. Cancel anytime.

What’s Included:

✓Monday Group Call (example here) designed to KICK OFF YOUR WEEK WITH A BANG!

✓Tuesday Coach is IN Weekly Meeting (Bring Challenges and we SOLVE together!) - A weekly opportunity to be Coached in a Group Setting

Our Patented Know your Numbers Tracker - Exclusive tracking and goal setting software. (click here for video)

YCMPedia - Access to THOUSANDS of our coaching tools, videos and tips - Over 10 years worth! (click here for video)

✓Access to discounted PRIVATE coaching calls if you desire!

✓Weekly Monday News You Can Use (example here)

✓Coaching Group Newsletter  

✓Quarterly Special Report 

✓50% Off Your Coaching Matters Courses AND LIVE Events

✓ Your Coaching Matters and Academy for Coaching Excellence Tools you will USE EVERY DAY!

All Monday Group Meetings are held at 8 am Pacific /11 am Eastern using Zoom which you can watch/listen to from your phone, tablet, or ideally at your desk in front of your computer!

Monday Meetings ARE Recorded so if you can’t make it, you can catch up later. 

It's time to UP YOUR GAME!

Join Group Coaching NOW

We do offer the Option to Pay for Group Coaching for the Year and get 2 months FREE with a one time payment of $890!!

How the Group is Structured

Our approach bridges the gap between Individual Coaching and Seminars with Group Coaching and Self-teaching with our Library of Recordings, Video, Forms, and transforming PROVEN tools we learned at the Academy for Coaching Excellence. We are the ONLY Real Estate Coaches approved to teach this material. It is our mission to provide these tools at an affordable price to EVERY AGENT that wants to grow, change, or prepare to sell their businesses!

Using these Tools and Systems you CAN thrive in a Real Estate Career! 

This Structure of Group Calls and Group Coaching, plus an entire LIBRARY to pull from between Group Calls PLUS Email Support from trained Coaches provides:

1. Timeless Principles of Success based in neuroscience and practical teachings which we distill into their most accessible and usable formulas.
2. Proven tools:  Productivity tools and principles you can use and Immediately apply in your Real Estate work and personal life.
3. Lifelong Skills which include HOW to put these tools and principles into action, and how to use them them with Sellers, Buyers, Co-Op Agents as well as others in your life. This really does work in ways you can't imagine!
4. Tangible Results:  More Sales, More Ease, More LIFE. 

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