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2022 is going to be an Exciting and "Profitable" year!

2022 goals coach donna stott coach mike stott profit your coaching matters Jan 24, 2022

2022 is going to be an exciting and "Profitable" year! The experts say more homes will sell in 2022 than any previous year EVER.

The Question is:  Are you Profiting from this opportunity?

Your Coaching Matters have narrowed our focus and energies into two calls per week. As a result, you will be receiving more specific ways to "Profit" and run your real estate business and have more time to work on it.

However, you NEED to be a member of Your Coaching Matters and attend our Member Mondays zoom calls each week starting at 11:00 am Eastern Time.  

The week of January 21st, Coach Stephanie will take you through the ground-level basics of Profiting from Energy of Time. If you happen to miss the call, we will record and post it on YCMPedia and our Private. Facebook group for Members only.  (Remember, Group Calls are for Members of Your Coaching Matters, so click this link to try us out month to month. No long-term commitment.

The rest of January will be:

January 31st: Coach Mike showing you how much of your WORKING TIME is worth per hour when it's "Profit" based. You may be working for less per hour than you thought you were.

February 7th: Procrastination may NOT be a bad thing (WHAT??). Coach Donna will teach you about PRO-Active Procrastination and Spending time with clarity around your Life Intentions and Goals.

February 14th: You will NOT want to miss Coach Stephanie's Valentine's Day Member Monday on "Do You LOVE What you Spend TIME on"? 

In Late February Coach Donna will teach about Scheduling for More TIME. The Do It Move It or Delete It Method™. There will also be a course coming up of the same name – you will not want to miss either one of these! You will certainly find clarity!

Coach Mike will show you Creating Profitable TIME HABITS later in February, too.

Remember, for all these Monday Member Mindsets, Tuesday's Coach is IN and upcoming courses are for Your Coaching Matters Member only. But you don't have to be left out; check it out HERE and become a member today – it's easy!

Our Next post will detail what you can expect in upcoming Member Mondays and Upcoming 2022 Workshops and Courses. You won't want to miss these!! It is truly going to be a Profitable Year!