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Do You Know What You Want?

coach donna stott coach mike stott energy of creativity life intention standards of integrity your coaching matters Feb 10, 2022

Know what you want. 

 Know your Life Intentions and
Create GOALS that Support Those. 

You cannot “say what it is you will do” until you know what you wantMonkey goes crazy when we do that… say something all willy-nilly without it being attached to a Life Intention!

Tip: DO the LI (Life Intentions) and SOI (Standards of Integrity) Exercises so that you can have Clarity and Focus. 

In May, we will repeat our Workshop on Life Intentions and Standards of Integrity to UNLEASH your ENERGY OF CREATIVITY, but they are currently recorded in YCMPedia for all Members! If you aren’t clear DO them again NOW.

We posted a couple of blogs a few months back, which may help you determine what an Intention and a Goal is. (What is a Goal? November 15, 2021) This post lists specifically what is a goal and what is a Life Intention.

The other blog was posted in October about Succeeding in 2022 and the 5 Questions you need to answer before setting your goals for 2022. The main point in this post is that you need clarity to answer the 5 Questions and know what your successes are.

You CAN transform your Real Estate Career to one full of Clarity, Focus, Ease, and Grace, but first, you will need to be a Member of Your Coaching Matters. It’s month to month, so there’s NO RISK!!